Guiding sensitive souls to identify & reconcile unresolved inner conflict, get back in sync with the natural rhythm of life, and move forward without fear of getting it wrong.


When was the last time you allowed yourself to truly imagine what’s possible for you?

Many of us struggle to move beyond the crossroads we encounter in life. 

Ever felt dissatisfied in an ‘uncomfortably comfortable’ situation, yet overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing a different direction? 

With the right tools, we’re able to empower ourselves to make choices that really matter to us, creating powerful shifts that are free from emotional & physical baggage.

Unlike many self-help methods, the work we do together is not about complicated formulas, using your willpower, or long, drawn-out commitments.

It’s about having simple, digestible tools you can use to bring you back home to your Self.



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The core values of my business are: optimism, integrity,  beauty, simplicity & kindness.



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