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Creating a better world by helping big-hearted, sensitive souls to overcome self-sabotage, practice self-forgiveness, and find the courage within to forge their own sovereign path.


Hi, I’m Lucy…

Through my work, my goal is to see you move forward with a lighter, happier heart; embrace stronger, more loving relationships, and manifest more magical prosperity than you could have ever possibly imagined. 

I live with my husband in a small coastal town in the UK. I’m a writer, co-host of the Replenish Your Life podcast, and mom to two rescue cats.

My guilty pleasures include: pretty fabrics, cakes, Astrology, Human Design, and making sound healing meditations. I’m a total nerd when it comes to time-travel movies, underwater adventures, and making space for gentle, joyful living.

The core values of my business are: optimism, integrity, beauty, simplicity & kindness…read my manifesto.




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