Helping sensitive souls to reconcile conflicting emotions, make peace with themselves & the world around them, and move forward with courage.

With simple, practical tools and a gentle approach to life, we’re able to create the kind of emotional, mental, and physical shifts that feel safe, and deeply supportive.


Ever felt stuck in an unsatisfying ‘uncomfortably comfortable‘ situation in life, yet paralysed at the thought of making a real change?

Ever felt like you’re unable to relax into allowing life to unfold at a slower, more meaningful pace, without that internal push & pull pressure to make the right choice now?

Unlike many other self-help methods, the work we do together is not about complicated, gimmicky processes, drawn-out commitments, and putting unnecessary pressure on the mind to seek answers to remove resistance.

It’s about the ancient art of allowing, accepting, and embracing, so that the resistance relaxes on its own.



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The core values of my business are: optimism, integrity,  beauty, simplicity & kindness.



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