Welcome to a new way of being that is heart-centered, healing and intuitive.

Relax into your luminous Heart. 

Allow the voice of your soul to illuminate the very best in you

Trust that all is always well



“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”

~ Hafiz


Would you love to re-connect with your true calling so that you can bring more of your integrity, creativity, and much-needed magic into the world?

Are you ready to embrace a greater sense of inner peace & harmony that comes from knowing yourself, empowering yourself, and loving who you truly are?

I’m thrilled to announce that Soul Plan Coaching sessions are now available! These sessions have been described as “a deliciously divine conversation for illumination and empowerment” and “like having a road map to your life with all the co-ordinates in place to directly connect with your Higher Self.”

Let’s sail together through the realms of possibility to illuminate the very best in you. 


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Connecting to your Life Path & Soul Journey will help you:

Receive more Joy in your life with less effort
Embody your Authentic Self 
Feel ready to take your next step 
Embrace your dreams
…And have FUN on your journey!

Hi, I’m Lucy

Through my intuitive soul-work, I can help you live your life with more joy, vitality & hope, so that you can bring more of your much-needed integrity & magic into the world.

Why I Do What I Do and How I Can Help…



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