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I want you to know that it’s safe to be who you came here to be, and know your true strength lies within, always.  

Know Yourself, Love Yourself.

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Want to find out more about why you are here on this planet at this time, and bust a few common myths about life purpose while you’re at it?! (Hint: it’s not about being a healer, a musician, a chef, or a famous actor…)

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About me

I am a writer, listener, seeker, seer, cat mom, nature lover, scuba diver, and intuitive puzzle solver.

I love holding space for my clients’ inspiration and creativity breakthroughs, perception shifts, and illuminating moments of epiphany.

I’ve been doing this since I was 9, in primary school, when I would host dream interpretation circles with my friends at lunch break. It makes sense that the path I’m called to honour is this. It makes sense that you are here, too, perhaps looking for a similar kind of clarity and insight. To know who you truly are, and to let every facet of you radiate into the world.

My role is to support you in this process, and celebrate your beauty with you. 

It lights me up when I see you thriving, fully embodying who you came here to be: the new wave of  sages, medicine women, visionaries, teachers, and leaders. I call us the Rising Wise Women.

Whether you’re a budding holistic entrepreneur seeking personal growth and clarity on how to flourish in alignment with your energy & use your unique soul voice in your business, a corporate executive with a yearning for a deeper connection to your intuitive genius, or an artist with a desire to use your work to make a lasting impact in the world, I’m here to help you open that door to Self realisation.

Through a unique approach using intuitive guidance and down-to-earth practical tools bridging the worlds of Science and Spirituality, the goal of my work is to help you to live in harmony with your mind, body and soul.

The people I work with receive a deeply transformative experience, with customised one-to-one guidance, access to bespoke follow-up sessions, and private mentoring tailored to their individual needs.

My business is located in London, with a global presence online. I offer sessions in-person and online via Zoom.

Let’s Get Started


I felt very relaxed, open and connected to the experience. The session is excellent value as it is so comprehensive, and afterwards I felt less burdened, freer and less anxious.
Lucy’s rich experience, interpersonal skill and kind disposition made for an insightful, relaxing and enjoyable experience. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. ~ Amy Higgins, TV Broadcasting Professional ~ Mind Body Soul Healing + Integration Session


“Lucy is a light. The Soul Destiny session and follow-up guidance really gave me a huge sense of clarity as to what I should do next in my life. It showed me I needed to explore and acknowledge my talents. Giving me that confidence meant I could step onto my true path – and now I’ve done that, things are so much joyful, easier and full of abundance. Thank you for showing me the way.” ~ Sarah Lloyd, owner Indigo Soul PR and Indigo Soul Healing.

“I first met Lucy at the Mind, Body and Soul festival in London. My highly intuitive friend had a Soul Destiny taster session and kept saying: ‘You must go there, I don’t know how to explain to you, but you must try it’. Intrigued enough I went to Lucy’s stand. She has such a lovely welcoming and peaceful energy, so you feel good from the start. After the taster session I asked her: ‘Do you do a longer session please?!’. Amazingly, the Soul Destiny session brings so much clarity about who you are and gives an incredible guidance. So many things I always reflected about myself and events that already happened in my life came to light during the session, including health related aspects. I particularly believe it is one of the best ways to understand yourself and your purpose in this life!  I am very grateful to you Lucy for this insightful and inspiring guidance. Thank you!”  Dr Elaine Raupp Di Bernardi, Associate Dentist 

“Uncovering my world and soul purpose was a delightful and enlightening journey. Gently guided by Lucy I was able to add meaning to so many facets of my life and understand me in the universe at this time. As CEO of my own business I came away with clarity on where I focus my energies and what to focus on as growth in my business. The explanation and guidance within the Soul Destiny session, clearly translated by Lucy, affirmed that I am finally in the perfect place, doing what makes my heart sing and the gains I have in allowing myself to show up authentically. Thanks so much Lucy.” Fi Feehan, CEO, Author & Integrative emotional health practitioner

“My Soul Destiny session with Lucy has helped me gain so much more clarity about myself and my soul’s callings and gave me much to reflect on. I’m at a time of transition in my life and work with so many ideas along with a whole lot of over-thinking and confusion! My session helped to give me clarity on why I think and behave in certain ways as well as confirming that the direction I feel called to take my work is definitely the right path for me. It’s given me confidence in myself to go for my dream – and the understanding as to why I find certain areas of life and work challenging so I can now consciously choose to deal with them rather than feeling lost and confused. I love Lucy’s calm, grounded wisdom and I felt so safe and heard, opening up to talk about some of the issues and resonances the reading brought up for me. I highly recommend, without hesitation, that if you’re a fellow sensitive soul feeling the calling for a deeper understanding of yourself, your essential nature and what your soul is here to do in this life that you should book a Soul Destiny session with Lucy. She will help you connect to yourself deeply so you can move forward with confidence and vision.” Stella Tomlinson, Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

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“I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.” ~ Dele Olanub