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Hi, I’m Lucy, welcome to my online home!

In here, we do things a little differently.

We celebrate the sensitive, intuitive person you are, and dive deep into how to create healthy boundaries that ensure you feel calm & confident in your own skin.

We go beyond superficial ‘positive thinking’ jargon and right past ‘Guru-led formulas’ that tell you you have to be a version of someone else in order to have the life you desire.

We’ll look at that niggling, negative internal dialogue that gets in the way of you living your dreams, and work together to re-write, direct and cast you in a new, awesome and empowering script instead. Think of it as taking charge of the movie of your life, and directing it exactly the way you want.

In here, we’re not afraid of looking under the surface, uncovering your truth and revealing your most brilliant, radiant, powerfully potent desires, dreams and drives. We’re all about grounded guidance for spiritual seekers that will help you discover your full potential and re-connect with your infinite self.

If this lights up all your sense like fibre optics, then welcome home my darling.

If we haven’t met before…hello! 

I am a coach, speaker and author dedicated to supporting people like you who are ready to shed the masks they wear and enjoy life with confidence & radiant self-esteem.

I post a free weekly video blog series where I share tips, insight and helpful info for HSPs & Lightworkers, and I also regularly contribute to the rapidly growing group of like-minded, fabulous people on Facebook called the Find Your Bliss: Highly Sensitive Lightworker Community. Come join in here!

I’m based in North-West London, but I work with people all over the globe thanks to the brilliance of technology and tools like Skype & Facetime!


Here are some of the ways we can go on adventures together right away:


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“I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.” ~ Dele Olanub