Helping you navigate personal + professional reinvention for a more confident, creatively fulfilling life ✨

Hello, you…

My goal is to see you move forward with a lighter, happier heart.

Whether that’s supporting you through career & life transition, or guiding you through the sometimes tricky path of personal & professional reinvention, my work will help you build a strong, loving foundation of self worth and creative self-expression that feels deeply satisfying.Β 

The core values of my business are: optimism, integrity, beauty, simplicity & kindness…read my manifesto.

I’m a writer, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner, co-host of the Replenish Your Life podcast, and mom to two rescue cats.

My guilty pleasures include: soft fabrics, baking cakes and eating them, Astrology, Human Design, and making ASMR & Hypnotherapy meditations.

I love time-travel movies, underwater adventures, and making space for gentle, joyful living.

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