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Do you feel CALLED to develop an intimate relationship with your intuitive gifts, and be of greater service to the world?

Are you ready to live your life with a deep sense of meaning, in alignment with your soul purpose?

Do you feel connected to the spiritual world, but unsure of how to embody that connection in your life?

You have a magnificent, infinite light within you that is yearning to come out. And you can FEEL it.

You know you’re part of the energetic shift happening on the planet, but you’re just not sure how to take the leap and dive in. Should you start your heart-centered business? Study that course in Astrology you’ve been yearning to take?

Should you finally make that bold move in your life that scares you more than anything, but will chip away at you if you don’t?

I know this story so well because I’ve been there!

When I first started out, I was overwhelmed, shy to show up and be my true self, and afraid of being judged.

It wasn’t until I made the decision to give myself the encouragement and assurance I craved to step up in my life, and transformed my own sense of self-oppression into a sense of self-worth, that things really started to shift.

Since then I have received more blessings of sustainable prosperity, contentment, and mind-body-spirit vitality than I thought possible, and I want the same for you.

I love working with highly sensitive, open-hearted lightworkers. People like YOU, who are yearning to live a deeply fulfilling & meaningful life. That includes finding the right work where your gifts are valued, and you’re able to be authentic and profitable. Consciously living in alignment with your life theme and soul purpose, and developing an intimate & powerful relationship with your intuition and with Source.

I am passionate about using energy psychology, quantum healing techniques and spirituality to understand who we truly are on a deep & transformative level during this time of change on our planet, and I want to help you embody your WHOLE self to share your magic with the world.

My signature Soul Catalyst program, Sacred Dharma Rising, runs twice a year in Spring and Autumn, and I offer 1:1 guidance sessions online via Zoom.

You can contact me via email at and my favourite place to play online is on Instagram come say hi, I’d love to connect with you there.


Spend More Time With Your Heart. Receive Wisdom From Your Soul.

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Last year I had a Soul Plan Reading with Lucy. That was one of the best readings of my life. A few months later, I  signed up for the Dharma Sessions Programme. I wanted to do it because I was feeling stuck in my life, looking for answers, and a new direction. Through the Dharma Sessions Programme, I was able to dissolve blocks and obstacles; I learned to stretch time, clear my aura, and I also set up my fan Page on social media, which was a task I dreaded in the past! I am now back to practising Yoga, extending my meditation, and I have achieved my goal of starting my creative writing project. I have started attracting new experiences in my life that feel good, and it feels like opening a new door. I’m very grateful to the Universe for bringing us together! I’m grateful for your meditation session, which I love the most. I recommend this programme to my colleagues and friends who are looking for advice, training and new exercises to help them attract abundance and find a clear path forward. ~ Renata Krasucka, Psychic Intuitive & Healer

First off, I can’t thank you enough for your assistance and healing. What I experienced with you was quite profound, to say the least. I went into a kind of sleep state after our reading. I felt emotionally and spiritually shifted. I can’t tell you how much you helped me. I have so much appreciation in my heart, My dreams have been deep and very healing.
 Today when I woke up I reached for the feeling that I wanted to feel for myself in my day. A flood of angel wings suddenly surrounded me. I realised that by handing my life, my intentions, my pure heart to the angels and to grant them the power to guide me and my life with total faith that they would bring to me all the magic, oneness and knowing that I crave. I felt that I was completely taken care of, protected and guided to my highest self and highest feeling of joy and fulfilment in my life.  My thanks are endless! ~ Maria Pomeroy, Investment Property Owner/Manager 

I felt very relaxed, open and connected to the experience. The session is excellent value as it is so comprehensive, and afterwards I felt less burdened, freer and less anxious. Lucy’s rich experience, interpersonal skill and kind disposition made for an insightful, relaxing and enjoyable experience. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

~ Amy Higgins, TV Broadcasting Professional 

“I first met Lucy at the Mind, Body and Soul festival in London. My highly intuitive friend had a Soul Destiny taster session and kept saying: ‘You must go there, I don’t know how to explain to you, but you must try it’. Intrigued enough I went to Lucy’s stand. She has such a lovely welcoming and peaceful energy, so you feel good from the start. After the taster session I asked her: ‘Do you do a longer session please?!’. 

The session brings so much clarity about who you are and gives an incredible guidance. So many things I always reflected about myself and events that already happened in my life came to light during the session, including health related aspects. I particularly believe it is one of the best ways to understand yourself and your purpose in this life!  I am very grateful to you Lucy for this insightful and inspiring guidance. Thank you!”  Dr Elaine Raupp Di Bernardi, Associate Dentist 

“My session with Lucy has helped me gain so much more clarity about myself and my soul’s callings and gave me much to reflect on. I’m at a time of transition in my life and work with so many ideas along with a whole lot of over-thinking and confusion! My session helped to give me clarity on why I think and behave in certain ways as well as confirming that the direction I feel called to take my work is definitely the right path for me. It’s given me confidence in myself to go for my dream – and the understanding as to why I find certain areas of life and work challenging so I can now consciously choose to deal with them rather than feeling lost and confused. I love Lucy’s calm, grounded wisdom and I felt so safe and heard, opening up to talk about some of the issues and resonances the reading brought up for me. I highly recommend, without hesitation, that if you’re a fellow sensitive soul feeling the calling for a deeper understanding of yourself, your essential nature and what your soul is here to do in this life that you should book a Soul Destiny session with Lucy. She will help you connect to yourself deeply so you can move forward with confidence and vision.” Stella Tomlinson, Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

This session was a gift to myself, and Oh My! What a gift! Lucy has an amazing energy and ability. The reading was so accurate and I found it surprisingly emotional as it resonated so deeply at times. I feel I know and understand more of myself. I have answers to questions I’ve had my whole life, and continued to get more and more clarity afterwards. My soul danced all day after this reading.  I loved it!”  ~ Jane Clarke, Hypnotherapist at Jane Clarke Hypnotherapy.


“Thank you so much for my Soul Guidance session. From the moment the reading started, I was totally fascinated by the concept of my birth name influencing my life path. The time you spent with me explaining my charts flew by and so much resonated about who I feel I am, but what I benefited from the most was seeing where my talents lie and in which aspects of life I will flourish when I focus my time and energy on these. Taking in all this information has given me a stronger sense of purpose and direction and confidence. Thank you Lucy for this profound insight!”  ~ Simone von Bulow, Jewellery Designer