Open the doorway to peace, oneness & well-being in your life


Many of us  struggle to create our ideal lives.

With the right tools, we have the ability to experience healing and lasting change, free from emotional or physical pain.

The purpose of my work is to bring you back home to yourself – minus the drama and complicated formulas –  so that you’re able to invite more playfulness back into your life, and return to the joy of imagining what’s possible for you. 

I’m here to help you shift stress, unhelpful emotions and behaviours (such as self-doubt, self-consciousness, procrastination, shame, fear of being seen) and ancestral patterns that have contributed to feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and disconnect. 

Unlike many self-help methods, the work we do together is not about willpower, or discipline, or positive thinking.

It’s about sweet simplicity.

I offer an uncomplicated, organic approach to healing your relationships, improving your health, finding fulfilling work, and overcoming perceived limitations so that your life is filled with more peace, wholeness, and vitality.

I use a combination of tools such as Core Transformation Healing, Milton Erickson-Style Hypnotherapy, Guided Shamanic Visualisation, Aura + Chakra Reading techniques, and a synthesis of Soul Plan Mapping + Human Design to facilitate your transformation.

The core values of my business are: optimism, integrity,  beauty, simplicity & kindness.



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