In my experience, one of the biggest challenges we face as Highly Sensitives, is our own critical self-talk getting in the way of us living our lives the way we want to live.

We’ve all been in that situation before, whether it’s in our personal lives, or in business, when our inner critic gets really loud and it feels like she has full ownership of the internal public-address system.

As Highly Sensitive People, because we process information so deeply, thoughts like “you’re not good enough / nobody will buy your product / nobody will want to work with you / you’re not attractive enough… (insert any number of creatively deflating comments from madam inner critic here)” can begin to take toll on us, resulting in feelings of depression, overwhelm and lethargy.

Sometimes they even result in us giving up on our dreams.

This breaks my heart and I want more for you. For all of us.

In this week’s episode, I talk about a simple and effective method that I use to help you stop negative self-talk in its tracks and be KINDER to yourself, instead.



The trouble begins when we start to believe that our negative thoughts are the truth of who we are.

The key is to learn to see these thoughts for what they are and to remind ourselves that we are not our thoughts. Don’t believe everything you think.

Here’s what I like to do…I like to think of my inner critic as a fussy, concerned aunt, who likes to make a bit of a scene because really, deep down, she’s trying to protect me from what she perceives as ‘dangerous’ or ‘harmful’, which usually means anything that requires me to step out of my comfort zone.

She means well, but her way of doing it needs a little work.

On of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned, is that having my own back and sticking up for myself when my inner critic gets on her soapbox, is a powerful way to shift self sabotage into self confidence.

This week’s affirmation:

“I lovingly support myself with compassion and encouragement. I am free in this now moment.”

In the comments below, let me know how you’ve shifted self sabotage into self confidence. 

Also, come hang out with me on Instagram and tell me your amazing stories about a time when self-doubt crept in, but you trusted your intuition and went for it anyway!

Thank you so much for watching, commenting and sharing.

You are deeply loved, as you are.

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With my love,


Stop! That’s My Friend You’re Talking About.

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