How To Connect To Soul pt2

How To Connect To Your Soul…part 2

In the first part of this two-part series on How To Connect To Your Soul, we talked about how to re-connect to your childhood self as a way to begin understanding who you are at Soul level.

Connecting with your inner child is a powerful practice that helps you to step out of the logical mind, tap directly into your intuition and connect with the vibration of curiosity.

So now that you have re-connected with a younger version of you, I invite you to take this practice a little further.


You’ll need a quiet space and preferably some alone time for the practice.

Have a pen and paper ready so you can write down whatever inspiration comes through you, and take your time.

This is an intimate, healing practice.

Connect to your heart chakra and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What brings me bliss?
  2. How am I here to serve?

By resonating with the vibration of bliss and of service, we directly connect with the resonance of the Soul and what the Soul has come here to experience through you, your experiences and choices in this lifetime.

Remember, what brings you bliss could be anything from doing cartwheels in the garden, to cooking a meal from scratch, to scrapbooking…the list is endless and infinite. The key here is to allow your inspiration from Soul to flow.

What brings you bliss (Soul’s natural state) + How you are here serve (Soul’s state of experiencing itself, through you) = Connection to Soul Purpose.

This formula is the simplest and most effective method I’ve discovered for connecting to your core essence at Soul level.

When you’ve had a chance to watch the video and you’ve spent some time with this practice, I’d love to hear from you:

  • What brings you bliss?
  • How are you here to serve?

Thank you so much for watching, reading and for showing the courage to know yourself,



Do you have a friend, client or colleague who would enjoy this practice of connecting to their Soul?Share this post with them and why not share your discoveries with each other?

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How To Connect To Your Soul…Part 2

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