4 Steps To Avoid Being Drained By An Energy Vampire

I’m writing to you today to share with you my 4 Steps To Avoid Being Drained By An Energy Vampire.

There is a lot of negativity associated with the term ‘energy vampire’, and whenever I see this term being used online, on social media or if I hear it being used in conversation, I see an image in my mind of a particularly mean-looking person who is somehow, through some kind of magical process, sucking energy out of people without their permission.

So in this week’s video, the first thing I share with you is my understanding of what energy vampirism actually means, and then I share with you my 4 steps to avoid being drained by an energy vampire, if you happen to encounter one.



As HSPs, it’s important to recognise our role in managing our own energy and taking these steps to avoid co-dependent relationships.

It’s also important to be assertive about our physical, emotional and energetic boundaries.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch this video, I’d love to hear from you:

As a Highly Sensitive Person, how do you manage your energy and stay grounded? 

Leave me a comment here on the blog, or come on over to Facebook & Instagram and let me know.

Thank you for reading, watching and for lighting up the world just by being who you are.


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4 Steps To Avoid Being Drained By An Energy Vampire
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