Protection for Empaths

I’m writing today to share with you a topic that is very close to my heart, and also gets me fired up!

The topic is: protection for empaths.

I see so much online these days offering all manner of advice & opinion about how empaths are emotional sponges and we should protect ourselves from the energy vampires who are waiting to target us and drain our life force energy.

Here’s the thing: I call bullsh*t on this kind of scaremongering, and in the video below, I explain why.

*Note: there is no sugar-coating or softly-softly about this conversation. I’m passionate about expressing my views on this topic and it shows. Switch off now if you don’t like real-talk, or a shift in perspective.


Now that you’ve had a chance to watch this video, I’d love to hear from you:

What’s the number #1 thing you love about being an empath?


PS Got a friend, colleague or loved one who could use a beam of light in their lives this week? Share this post with them. By doing so, we all stand together against victimising sensitivity.

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Protection For Empaths
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One thought on “Protection For Empaths

  • 26th September 2017 at 17:21

    Love this And it’s all so true! Thank you xox

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