Give Yourself Time

Preparing for Autumn/Spring

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Here in the northern hemisphere, we’ve just celebrated the autumn equinox and we’re leading up to the Full Hunter’s Moon.

Suddenly, as if by magic, the leaves have started turning gold; there’s a hint of chill in the air, and the nights are drawing in.

We feel it in our core; in our bones.

The pull to begin gathering; getting our affairs in order, and celebrating harvest and abundance in preparation for the long rest.

In the southern hemisphere, the spring equinox has arrived and we’re leading up to the Pink Moon, or Waking Moon, shifting the vibration towards spring with the light starting to expand and extend, leading to birdsong earlier in the mornings, and our energy levels beginning to bloom in our bodies and in the blossoms outside.

We feel it in our core, in our bones.

The push to begin cultivating the ideas and creative concepts we’ve been incubating over the winter; to have a good stretch and gently open our senses to awakening. 

I love this time of year in season-change, because whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere, we’re all experiencing a major energy shift.

To turn inward, or outward. To incubate, or to re-birth.  

Both hemispheres are experiencing a time to take stock, re-calibrate and find balance within, before the autumn/winter comes; before the spring/summer comes.

During this time of season change, wherever you are on the planet, I invite you to switch off your phone, disconnect from technology and take some time to slow down. 

Take some time to create a ritual for yourself to adjust to the pace of the new season and use the coming Full Moon to give your energetic body the opportunity to align with the vibration of the seasonal shift.

Listen to what your needs are.

Give yourself the time.

What is your heart longing for?

What do you want?

When I think about these questions, I come up with several things:

My heart is longing for long walks in the park with my love, so we can enjoy the spectacular colour-changing leaves and breathe the autumnal air together. I’m longing for thirty minutes of uninterrupted time every morning to do my meditation, sip a hot cup of tea in bed, or read a chapter of the latest book I’m reading, and be quiet before the day starts; for an hour at the end of every work day to run a hot bath and enjoy the sensation of warmth and nurturing from the watery sanctuary I’ve created.

I want three full days to refine my business plan for 2018, and two months to complete the chapters of my book. And like so many of us, I also want time to be still. 

Nobody is going to give me that time or space; I’m going to give that to myself.

In this time of season change, I invite you to join me, and take the time you need to re-connect to your mind, body & Soul wisdom.

It’s one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

Give yourself time.





Give Yourself Time: Preparing for Autumn/Spring
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