A Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: The Memory of Trees (Day 1 of 7).

Father Oak, Mother Ash,

Show me how to plant my feet firmly in the ground so my belief in myself is as strong as your roots anchored deep in the earth.

Show me how to be still through winds of change, knowing that as long as I am growing, I am alive.

Show me how to honour the timeless life force within each breath, each movement, each seasonal ebb and flow in my life.

Show me how to draw strength from within the core of my being, so my conviction grows up my spine and flourishes through all the branches that I create.

Teach me to hold Life with the same gentleness as you do; to make my canopy of grace and resilience available as shelter for those who are in need, and to provide a space of restoration and ease for the souls of all beings who I encounter.

Teach me how to hold Patience in my heart for Life to unfold as it will, and to listen to my own inner voice with the same reverence that I feel when I hear your wisdom whispered through the breeze.

Thank you for your timeless power and your unwavering life force energy continue to flow through each one of our vital breaths,

And so it is.


Meditation exercise:

Weather permitting, sit outside against a big tree and ask for permission to work with it.

(You can also perform this exercise indoors, using the visualisation of a big tree of your choice.)

Sitting comfortably on the ground, place your back and shoulders firmly against the trunk of the tree, close your eyes and if it’s comfortable to do so, lean your head against the trunk also.

Take a moment to visualise any pain, sickness, worries or negative emotions you may have been carrying with you being absorbed into the tree; trees have the ability to carry energy back to the earth for deep cleansing and transmutation.

Feel any and all heaviness and weariness leave your body and travel deep down into the earth, knowing that this tree is strong and wise and able to work its powerful magic with you.

Take as long as you like to really connect with the core energy of this tree, and allow the tree to administer its magic.

Really enjoy the sensation of lightness that now pulses through your body, whilst simultaneously feeling safe, held and grounded.

When it feels comfortable to do so, thank the tree for sharing its medicine with you.

Spend as little or as much time as you like contemplating the beauty of the tree and it’s ancient wisdom, and when you feel ready to do so, rise from your spot and go about the rest of your day with calm, centered energy in perfect balance and harmony.







7 Day Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: The Memory of Trees
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