7 Day Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: The Memory of Ocean (Day 3 of 7)

May you know the relaxing lull of the ocean, crashing and flowing as you rest your heart,

May your life be blessed with awe, the way each full moon is blessed by your eyes as you gaze upon its reflection on the sea,

May your days be filled with natural gifts and remedies as precious as the shells and stones laid gracefully before your feet,

And may your destiny be carved by time, as beautiful and unique as driftwood, with every tide, high and low.

Sharing this prayer with love for you today, to invoke the blessings of our ancestral mother: the sea. 

For cleansing; natural power; otherworldly beauty and myths, eternal flow waxing and waning with the moon; the energy of the alpha and omega, and wisdom that is older than the continents we walk on.

I pray we know this in reverence throughout time.

I feel the mysticism and the stories of our oceans are personal and profound, so I leave those to be discovered for each one of us, but this prayer is for the ancient wisdom that is available for us all, at all times, whether we are near the sea or not.

With my love, Lucy

With thanks to Scott Cunningham’s Earth Power for inspiration 

Meditation exercise

Fill your bath tub with clear water, a handful of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils of your choice, (I like Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose Geranium).

Lie down until the water covers your entire body. If it feels comfortable to do so, allow the water to soak your hair and to gently cover your ears, the base of your head and neck.

Feel the gentleness of the warm salted water against your skin; feel it cleansing you, washing away any dirt, grit, sadness, worry, pain or dis-ease.

Visualise any heavy energy that is no longer serving you that you would like to release as ‘black worms’ wriggling out of your body, into the water of the bath. 

Visualise these black worms leaving your body and taking with them any heavy, or stagnant energy that is no longer serving you, and when the water is teeming with them, pull the plug and let the water drain out. Visualise the black worms flowing down the plug hole, into the primeval sea, where the energy will be cleansed and transmuted into new life force.

When the tub is completely drained, stand up and splash your body with some fresh water, either from a shower or from the tap. Repeat as needed.

This meditation practice can also be done in a shower if preferred, or if a bath tub isn’t available. Adjust the visualisation so the water from the shower head ‘carries’ the black worms of heavy energy down the plughole.

(This can also be performed in a natural lake/stream if it is safe to do so! Be aware of swift currents, and feel free to wear a swimsuit, if desired.)

7 Day Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: The Memory of Ocean
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