7 Day Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: Mother Moon (day 5 of 7)

Blessed Mother Moon,

She is always near.

Through day and night, her presence is felt; a constant, reliable and dependable force, with a  presence so powerful, she has mastered the tides of our seas.

With each rise and fall, she holds us in alignment, casting her light over us at night; releasing us from her glow for the day.

She invites our bodies to dance with her cycles, phased by inward and outward flow of life force, waxing and waning creative energy, fertile with possibility & resting with release.

Men, as well as women, experience the ebb and flow of energy during each lunar cycle.

I feel so strongly that as we move forward into the new paradigm of the Aquarian Age, we are being called to work with both the masculine & feminine energies within each and every one of us. 

We are being called to balance and nurture the essence of all.

I believe working with the lunar cycles is a tool to cultivate self-awareness, self-knowledge, and ultimately self-compassion, for ALL beings.

An ancient tool of divine connection to our bodies for us to re-master, in the modern age. 

For more information on grounding your energy by aligning your life with the lunar cycles, take a look at the Our Cycles app; they are doing incredible work to bring both men and women into the now age of awakened awareness, and grab yourself a copy of Moonology by Yasmin Boland for magical inspiration!

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Lunar Names 

One of the most powerful (and fun!) ways to begin connecting with the lunar phases and cycles, is to explore the list of traditional names and their symbolic meanings, given to the Full Moons throughout the year as they correspond with the calendar months and seasons.

I’m sharing the Celtic and Medieval names with you below, but you can find out more about other cultures and the names they have given to the monthly Full Moons here and via the Old Farmer’s Almanac, here.

Celtic and Medieval Full Moon names:

January – The Quiet Moon/Wolf Moon

February – Moon of Ice/Storm Moon

March – Moon of Winds/Chaste Moon

April – Growing Moon/Seed Moon

May – Bright Moon/Hare Moon

June – Moon of Horses/Dyan Moon

July – Moon of Calming/Mead Moon

August – Dispute Moon/Corn Moon

September – Singing Moon/Barley Moon

October – Harvest Moon/Blood Moon

November – Dark Moon/Snow Moon

December – Cold Moon/Oak Moon

Source: Celtic Myth and Moonlight 

7 Day Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: Mother Moon
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