7 Day Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: Rest & Re-set (Day 6 of 7)

Slowly now, lay the full weight of your body into Earth’s hands and rest your weary eyes for a moment.

Allow yourself to be held by Her ground, supported and safe.

Feel her pulse beneath your shoulder blades and hear Her heart beating your heart. Willing you to rest, to be still, to let go.

Breathe deeply now; allow the green from Her life force to clear your lungs and heal any places where stale air may have over-stayed it’s invite, and despair may have taken up residence over time; breathe deeply into all the spaces within your cells that could do with a hug, and allow Her foliage to wrap you gently in an embrace.

Allow Her cycles to balance yours; feel the deep currents that flow beneath Her surfaces begin to move in time with yours, healing both hemispheres of your body, soothing your heart rhythm, calming your mind.

7 Day Divine Commitment to Earth Wisdom: Rest & Re-set
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