When I started my training in Neuro-linguistic programming and Hypnotherapy, I had a belief I’d been carrying for most of my life: that *most* people were judging me, rolling their eyes at me behind my back, and laughing at me because they thought I was ridiculous.

This past weekend, working at an NLP seminar, this time as a tutor, I was reminded of how that firm (but unhelpful) belief had shifted…with more ease and Grace than I could have ever imagined.
It started with a simple ‘what if…’ you saw things differently? What if the universe was actually working with you, to support you every step of the way? What if every action actually has a positive intention at the core…what if you ‘ve been using this belief that ‘the world’ is against you as a crutch to keep you from stepping up, dressing up and doing the damn (important) work you came here to do?

What if there are people waiting to assist you in your rising? People who are looking forward to being your champion? Who are conspiring to see you shine, because in doing so, they are shining, too.

What if you’ve actually been co-creating with your higher self the whole time, to align your life with purpose, learning and the joy of human experience, and those beliefs you used to have about people were really a gateway to discovering a greater truth? A supportive, healthy, nourishing truth that walks alongside you throughout your life.

Beliefs do not define your spirit, nor do they define your destiny.

You do.


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