The gift of sharing inspiration with the right people, at the right time

I have a lot of ideas. Most times, I have at least 3 or 4 creative concepts floating around my mind.

Not all of those ideas are viable business options, nor are they designed for me to implement.

I am a steward for those ideas. I am a gentle host for creative inspiration.

Before, I used to act on them immediately and put considerable effort and energy into creating that inspiration into form, and then feel disappointed when the response from my prospective audience was mediocre, or just plain crickets.

Or, out of sheer excitement, I’d share the ideas with whomever would listen first (sometimes that meant I shared my thoughts and inspiration on social media) – and then feel angry a few weeks later when I’d see a version of that idea cropping up in other places, from people who were listening to me, but not actively engaging with me.

Through that learning, I’ve changed the way I work with my creativity.

Now, I nurture the ideas that come through me.

For example, I have a beautiful journal devoted solely to the practice of nourishing the creative muse that gifts me with her inspiration.

I write her concepts and creative sparks down by hand. And every so often I re-visit them and marvel at how lucky I am to have access to these ideas.

And I wait. I wait for the right time, and the right people to share them with.

I know, and trust, that the timing and the people are right when I’m able to respond with a lit-up joy and passion inside that feels like flow and grace.

Sharing inspiration with the right people, at the right time, is one of the most illuminating experiences of my life.

I wish you a beautiful rest of the week.


Image by Carli Jeen on unsplash

The Gift of the Right People, At the Right Time
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