When business owners ‘take time off’ and then post an update saying, ‘I’m back from my time off and I can’t wait to share all the content that’s been incubating!’

That’s not time off.

That’s pressure to show ‘results’ from taking time off.

When I take time off, I have absolutely nothing to show for it when it comes to ‘content.’

Perhaps a photo of my cats. A sunset here & there.

But ‘content’?

Nope. Nothing. Sorry, folks. I’ve been resting.

Business owners – please – take time off, and do nothing for, in, or with your business in that time.

Don’t use your time off to create content plans for the year.

Workaholism – whether worn as a badge of honour, employed as a tactic to please, prove & justify, or consumed as a method of distraction – is killing your creativity, your community, & your authenticity.

It’s also killing your vitality.

Imagine being a true rebel in this age & instead choose to immerse yourself in doing as little as possible.

Put the technology away.

Be with yourself, without an agenda, or a list of goals, or a plan.

You, as much as anyone, deserve true rest & relaxation.

I promise you, your mind, heart, & nervous system will recuperate, recalibrate, and re-integrate with a clarity and resolve that is more effortless & powerful than before.

Now those are the kind of results worth celebrating.




Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Be A Rebel…Do Absolutely Nothing!
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