In 2016 I did the B-School program with Marie Forleo.

A lot of the tools and practices that were taught felt inspiring and motivating, but I found myself finishing each module feeling like something was missing. My energy felt flat, and I’d take AGES to implement what others seemed able to pull together within days.

I learned recently that Marie Forleo is a Manifestor. The entire B-School program has been created by a Manifestor, for Manifestors. I’m referencing the modality of Human Design.

In Human Design, Manifestors are about 8-9% of the world’s population.

Only now, I’m starting to understand why statements taught in the course such as, ‘Start before you’re ready!’ felt like a great big Full Stop for me.

Energetically, I’m not designed to engage with the world this way. And if I do, believe me the most positive outcome I get is crickets and a tuft of tumbleweed passing by, if I’m lucky.

I’m not sharing this with you because I’m anti-Marie Forleo or B-School. Not at all. Both are inspiring, motivating forces in the world! Plus, my Dad is a Manifestor. I’ve seen the way he’s done business since I was a child, and seen how it’s worked for him…so we mimic what works, thinking the same will work for us, yes?


I’m sharing this with you because I made the mistake of shapeshifting myself into something I was not, and all I got for it in return was frustration, exhaustion, and an incomplete website that didn’t function properly (PS part of how I AM designed is to skip steps!)

So here’s the deal.

Whether it’s Astrology, Soul Plan, Human Design, Gene Keys, the Tarot etc, choose a path that allows you to truly Know Yourself.

Sample from all of them, if you like.

But ultimately whatever you choose, choose a path with Heart that invites self-awareness.

Truth be told, all the modalities ultimately lead to the same place.






Know yourself.

Love yourself.



Photo by Min An from Pexels

Business by Design: Know Yourself