I’ve always been shy.

When I was a child, teachers used to write about it in my school reports.

“Lucy is a shy child; she would benefit from being more outgoing.”

So, from a young age I worked on my shyness. I created masks for myself so that people around me would think I was more ‘outgoing’.

But deep down, I was still my shy self. I’d simply learned to shape shift, all the while keeping my shy self safe, hidden deep inside.

When I began learning about Human Design & Gene Keys, I learned that my shyness was – still is – a tremendous gift & strength.

I learned that my shyness was a built-in energy compass; highly attuned to sense the elegance of divine timing.

My shyness was not something to change.

It was something to be honoured.

And so I began to embody my shyness, and allow myself to be who I was designed to be.

This is the first step to embodying quiet confidence: know yourself, so that you can sustain yourself.

Don’t expend any more of your precious life force energy shapeshifting to fulfil others’ self-imposed perceptions of how you should & shouldn’t be.

You deserve to honour the truth of who you are.

The Gentle Power of Shyness
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