There’s no coincidence that the center of the word, ‘Home’ is OM.

OM, in simple terms, represents the union between mind, body, and spirit. 

To me, the ‘OM’ resonates as the oneness of all things. A belonging. A cosmic embrace of unconditional love.

When I first started doing healing work a few years ago, I focused initially on my own unhealed wounds.

I had a shadow pattern that kept showing up in personal and professional relationships that looked like this: giving away way more energy and resources than I had available to give in order to prove my value, which inevitably resulted in me feeling resentful, and burned out. I felt ‘off-kilter’ a lot of the time, and the unhelpful pattern seemed to keep happening, even though I really didn’t like the cycle I appeared to be in.

When I took a deeper look at my own internal conflict around the core issue, I recognised that there was a much younger part of me with unmet emotional needs that was trying to get my attention by repeating the self-sabotaging behaviour pattern. 

That younger part of me wanted one thing: HOME

When I dug deeper into the emotional layers of what ‘home’ meant to that younger part of me, I realised that to my younger self, ‘home’ was a symbol for all of the core desired states that were (and still are) important to me, namely, the feeling of belonging, a sense of oneness, inner peace, and unconditional love.

My role as an adult was to be an unconditionally loving friend to that younger part of me that was trying so hard to find somewhere to belong. To show my younger self what it felt like to have access to all those core states, at all times, so that I could find my center again, and effectively reconcile the unhealed inner conflict.

My responsibility was to bring that part of me back home.

When we become aware of our behaviours and our internal stories, we can learn a great deal more about where – and how – we are stuck, and start to break free from the bonds of our unhealed patterns.

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The Center of Home is ‘OM’