Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m glad you’ve landed here!

In this space, sensitivity is celebrated, and intuitive gifts are cherished.

Set your internal compass beyond superficial ‘positive thinking‘ jargon, glide right past ‘Guru-led formulas,‘ and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Anchor the fire in your belly to the seasonal cycles and call in all the facets of your ancient healing wisdom into alignment, now.

Here, it’s safe to embark on a quest to understand what’s rising beneath the surface of your conditioning, to uncover your stories, unbind your voice, and be reunited with your true nature.

Dearest Old Soul, you are seen, you are heard and you are deeply loved.

You’ve been preparing for this for lifetimes.

Welcome home.

Grounded guidance for spiritual seekers.

Remember your infinite self.

If we haven’t met before… 

I’m an author, speaker and guide dedicated to supporting people like us who are ready to shed the masks and armour we’ve worn for lifetimes to live in harmony with our magical selves, wholly and completely.

I post a free weekly video blog series where I share tips, insights and helpful info, and I also regularly contribute to the rapidly growing group of like-minded, fabulous people on Facebook called the Find Your Bliss: Highly Sensitive Lightworker Community. Come join in here!

I’m based in North-West London, but I work with people all over the globe thanks to the brilliance of technology and tools like Skype & Facetime!

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“I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.” ~ Dele Olanub