There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart.

– Chandogya Upanishad

Hi there, I’m Lucy, an holistic therapist & empowerment coach, Advanced Clinical NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I’m a writer and teacher on a mission to help you recover your connection to the part of you that knows; that version of you that radiates bliss by being in alignment with your deepest desires and talents, living life the way you’ve always wanted. 

I believe self-compassion, generosity and the ability to give and receive love is where true happiness exists.

I serve my clients with practical tools to align their innate talents with their life and career goals through a combination of my Radiant You Programme and Soul Plan Life Alignment Analysis sessions. I am passionate about supporting people in the workplace through my Workplace Well-being relaxation classes, designed to support and empower people in the workplace to live well & work well.

Prior to starting my own business, I worked in television broadcasting in London, with some of the top blue-chip channel brands in the UK and International markets.

It was here where I learned the value of building relationships and cultivating deep connection through authentic communication and powerful storytelling.  

Prior to that I worked as an actress for a theatre company based in South Africa where I learned the vital importance of using visualization, breath-work and cultivating a healthy relationship with the mind for total body, mind and spirit well-being.

My self-recovery journey began in earnest back in 2011, when I was diagnosed with skin cancer. 

Around the same time, my core confidence seemingly crumbled overnight and I felt inadequate and overwhelmed in a corporate life that I had so carefully constructed to please everyone but myself.

I suffered from crippling anxiety and chronic low self-esteem and I was running on empty, feeling completely ‘beside myself’ and out of alignment physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through a combination of gentle meditation practice, healthy dose of self-compassion and an exciting journey into re-discovering what it felt like to feel whole and complete, I began mending my life, re-building my confidence with compassion and my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being with practical, down-to-earth spirituality that serves me still today.

My thirst for self-knowledge took me to study the power of the mind-body-spirit connection and the fascinating dance of human behaviour. I fully immersed myself into the pursuit of truth, alignment and divine connection throughout this process of self-recovery.

Through study, practice and sharing what I’d learned in my newsletter, private client sessions and group workshops, I began to truly understand the healing benefits of ‘following my bliss.’

Things I love: classical music and cheesy pop songs; listening to the whispers of wisdom in nature; animals;  Sweet Peas, Orchids and Roses; Scuba Diving; doing somersaults in water (sea or pool is fine); dancing; creating vision boards (I’m addicted to Pinterest); singing; sticky toffee pudding with lots of custard; strong coffee; ritual Epsom Salt baths by candlelight and fresh, clean linen.

I live in a leafy corner of Uxbridge, North-West of London, with my husband and my cat. 

Official Bio:

Lucy Anne Chard is a writer, holistic therapist and teacher, encouraging people to re-connect with their mind-body-spirit wholeness, recover the confidence to be true to themselves in all aspects of life and create a life that is in alignment with their soul’s purpose.    

Having completed her Bachelor of Arts in Drama & Performance, she embarked on a career as an actress for a theatre company in South Africa, where she grew up. She spent the first two years post University performing Shakespeare and original South African works to the public, as well as taking productions into rural areas of the country to perform in town halls and civic centers for school children and adults who had never experienced theatre before.

She moved to London in 2005 with her partner, following the impulse to travel and explore the world. It was here where she embarked on a new career in Television Broadcasting.

Drawing on her unique experience in Drama & Performance, Strategy and Planning for some of the top blue-chip channel brands in the UK, Europe and South Africa, her training as an Energy Healing Practitioner and her clinical training in NLP, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching, she loves working with heart-conscious, spiritual seekers through her Radiant You Programme & Soul Plan Life Alignment sessions, who are ready to shed the confines of playing small, be their own guru and live life in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

Lucy is a certified Advanced Clinical NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, having studied through the prestigious Phil Parker Training Institute in London. She is an Advanced Soul Plan Practitioner, a Reiki Master-Teacher and an Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner. 

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