Have you been wondering if you’re actually living up to your fullest potential?

As a creative, emotionally intelligent & wise human being, you were NOT born into this world at this time of global transformation just to play it small. 

The greatest fulfilment in life comes from being in alignment with a personal calling (some like to call it their soul purpose).

The more peace you can cultivate in your own skin, the more your innate gifts will radiate naturally out into the world.

Now is the time to give yourself the go-ahead to stop playing small, and be who you came here to be.


Do you long to re-connect to the wondrous potential of what’s possible for your life?

Are you ready to bring more of your much-needed authentic magic into the world?

 …And finally have the freedom you dream of?


Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep, heart-centered breath.

Enjoy the delicious sensation of the slow exhalation.

Hi, I’m Lucy, and I’m passionate about helping creative, heart-centered souls – who are seeking direction – to align their life with their true calling.

My first name means ‘Light’ in Latin. My true calling is to illuminate the openings, ideas, inspiration & possibilities that are available to you that will result in greater joy, vitality & fulfilment in your life.

I’m an intuitive soul guide + a down-to-earth life strategist.

Together, within the sanctuary of sacred space, we’ll tune in to the pulse of your purpose, re-connect to your life path, and create a practical plan for you move forward during this important time of global transformation.




I was born in South Africa, and studied Drama & Performance at the University of Natal. I worked as an actress for a local theatre company in Durban, before shifting gears to work as a corporate Programming Strategist & Planner in television broadcasting in London for 10+ amazing years.

Then, through a period of ‘things falling apart’ – that included burnout, illness and personal loss – I had an epiphany that I couldn’t ignore. It was time for me to stop living out of alignment & start working with others on a much deeper, more spiritual level. And so began a journey of total inner & outer recalibration of consciously re-building my life to honour my values, my vitality, and my true calling. 

After studying with several highly acclaimed practitioners & teachers in the sacred art of listening, journeying, and soul-making – using the tools of quantum healing, energy psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming – I decided to focus on the intersection of intuitive soul guidance + grounded, practical life strategy, because they allow me to combine my previous business expertise as a strategist & planner, with a more soul-centered path that is rooted in helping others to embody their calling in a way that is both soulfully fulfilling, AND financially sustainable.


Email: hello@lucyannechard.com