Me…in a nutshell

The core message that forms the foundation of all my work is this:

To help you remember how valuable you are, so that you never again have to pretend to be something or someone you are not.

During 10+ years in a well-paid, high-stress corporate job, I felt anxious, disillusioned & frustrated a lot of the time. I felt like I didn’t have the freedom to be who I really wanted to be.

In my heart, I desired to live a fulfilling, meaningful life where I felt truly connected to my own divine guidance + grace. I wanted a career that allowed me a sense of personal freedom, creative autonomy, + the opportunity to connect with people in a profound & personal way, so that I could help them truly see the beauty of their own light, & the uniqueness of what they have to offer the world. 

I also wanted to create a lifestyle where I had quiet time to myself, where I could cook delicious food, travel + explore new underwater worlds, and contemplate life through the outlets of creative writing, using my voice, and moving my body.

Today, my life looks very different. I have created a meaningful + supportive way of being in my life + business that allows me to be who I came here to be, and this now forms the foundation of my work in the world.




Lucy  is one of the most effervescent and truly delightful people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is highly intuitive and deeply connected to the work she is doing. 
I’ve always left sessions with her feeling seen, heard and wholly looked after. She patiently takes her time to understand the issue, and magically takes you exactly where you need to go. 
She has a gift. I can’t wait to go back for more!
~ Suparna Malhotra, CEO and founder of The Suparna Way





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