Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep, heart-centered breath.

Enjoy the delicious sensation of the slow exhalation.

Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m passionate about supporting creative, heart-conscious souls – who are seeking direction – to live a joyful, embodied life.

My first name means ‘Light’ in Latin.

When we work together, I’ll help you illuminate the hidden gifts that exist within life’s challenges, so that your adversities become your allies, and you’re fully equipped with the inner resources you need to create a life of joy, vitality & fulfilment. 

I’m an intuitive soul guide + a down-to-earth life strategist.

Within the sanctuary of sacred space, you’ll be initiated into the harmony & pulse of your unique purpose, and re-connect to the wonder of your creative imagination as we form a practical plan together for you to move forward during this important time of global transformation.


I was born in South Africa, and studied Drama & Performance at the University of Natal. I worked as an actress for a local theatre company in Durban, before shifting gears to work as a corporate Programming Strategist & Planner in television broadcasting in London for 10+ amazing years.

But then, I began to feel a deep sense of disillusionment with my life.

At first, I tried to ignore it. But like all important turning points in life, the feeling just got stronger and stronger. Then, through a period of things falling apart – that included burnout, illness and personal loss – I had an epiphany that I couldn’t ignore. It was time for me to accept, understand and embrace my disillusionment, and start consciously co-creating my life in a way that brought in more of what made me feel alive, and less of what had been depleting me. And so began a journey of total inner & outer recalibration, re-building my life, my career, my friendships and my health to correctly reflect my values, honour my vitality, and embody my true calling. 

After studying with several highly acclaimed practitioners & teachers in the sacred art of soul-listening, journeying, and heart-healing – using energy psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming – I decided to focus on the intersection of intuitive soul work + grounded, practical life strategy, because they allow me to combine my previous business expertise as a strategist & planner, with a more soul-centered path that is rooted in helping others to tune into their visionary capabilities, and embody their calling in a way that is both soulfully fulfilling, AND financially sustainable.

I believe that being able to reinvent yourself in today’s changing economy is a vital skill to have for all heart-conscious lightworkers who have a big mission to live.


Email: hello@lucyannechard.com