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Approaching Inner Conflict Resolution


There’s something special about having a cup of tea while you sit with your thoughts & feelings, don’t you think?

I need a lot of space to process things. I process internally, and as an intensely emotional being, I need a lot of time alone in my own aura to decompress, and to just ‘be’ with the rich depth & breadth of emotion I experience.

When it comes to inner conflict resolution, our emotions are a guide. That internal ‘tug of war’ feeling, or if feelings of frustration, half-heartedness, or resentment start to surface, that’s a clue that there’s a part of you that feels silenced. Invisible. Under-valued. Unloved. ⁣

And I know for sure that when there’s a part of you that feels that way, it isn’t going to just ‘go away’ no matter how many affirmations you recite, or positive thinking ‘spins’ you try on.

The first step when working with any inner conflict, is to be a kind friend to all parts of you.⁣ To allow that part of you to feel seen, heard, and held.

It is safe to be held.

My favourite way to do this, is to create a sanctuary space at home, with the cats, a soft, warm blanket, and a nice cup of tea as I sit with my thoughts & feelings.

💜 🌸Photo by Loverna Journey on Unsplash

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