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Connecting With Our Inner Selves Through Nature

Connecting With Our Inner Selves Through Nature

Through my work, I’ve found that one of our deepest yearnings is to connect with our inner selves through nature.

When we have this, we feel stronger in mind, body, heart, and soul. 

A sense of Oneness. Connection to, and with, all that is.

We’re able to make better decisions for ourselves from that quiet, centered place.

We feel more confident, and have healthy boundaries in all facets of life. 

We trust our intuition, and have faith in our ability to discern what’s right for us, and what isn’t.⁣

Energetically we are aligned with receiving kindness and respect, and naturally, we transmit the same frequency through our actions.

When we find our way back to nature, and connect with our inner selves, we invite a touch of magic back into our lives. 

To relax, and dance with the dreams we have, without fear of judgment or shame. 

Rooted in stillness, grounded in ancient wisdom, here we are in our power. 

I invite you to hold this vision of our ancient future now with me.


Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels



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