My Love, I have a free gift for you!

During this meditation you’re going to experience what it feels like to energetically dissolve any limiting beliefs that may have been restricting you, and shift your frequency to connect to the potent creative life force energy within, so that you can bring forth your soul’s deepest desires into physical reality.

This Guided Journey focuses on:

  • Activating your grounding cord 
  • Connecting you to Source Energy and the sensation of Inner Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love.
  • Cleansing and releasing any stagnant energy that is no longer serving you, so that you can embody the highest vibration for the vision you are co-creating for your life.
  • Guided journey into the crystal chamber of Light where you will receive deep healing, recuperation and rest for your body, mind and soul.
  • Connecting to your Guide(s) for any wisdom, blessings, or advice they have to share with you that will best serve you at this time.

Running time: 00:18:30


Click below to hear a sample:

Music: Vortex

Album: Thaddeus: The Spiritual Sun

Artist: Orin and Daben

Disclaimer: This journey and music induces a highly relaxed state of being; you may find it puts you to sleep. Do not listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery.