‘Dharma: from our first moment on the path to the achievement of full realisation; the ultimate knowing of who and what we are; the practice of right conduct and action.’

You’re at a point in your life where things aren’t quite how they used to be, but you’re not quite where you see yourself…yet.

You’ve come through an intense metamorphosis; you’ve stepped out of the chrysalis, and the next move is for you to spread your magnificent wings and fly.

Here’s some good news:

You definitely don’t need to do this next stage of transformation alone!

Give yourself the gift of this journey to get re-acquainted with your inner wisdom, step into your empowered wholeness and celebrate the radiant, joyful and abundant soul that you are.

This Programme Is For You If:

You feel stagnant and frustrated.

You don’t believe that the positive changes you are craving will work out.

You’re seeking to express the real sense of who you are; to be of service by expressing your unique gifts and talents.

You’d love to move towards trusting your inner truth, and wave goodbye to the exhaustion of seeking external validation.

You’re ready to dissolve stagnant belief patterns that have kept you feeling small.

You crave a useful mix of spiritual and practical tools that will empower you and support you in your growth. 

The idea of being connected to a like-minded circle of fabulous, supportive people lights you up inside.

You long to live expressively; to bring your magic into being, and create a brighter world for those you resonate with.

What’s Sacred About This Programme:

Deep connection to the voice of your body & Soul.

Exclusive access to personalised one-to-one attention to meet your needs.

A safe space to explore your higher self, and your Soul’s deepest desires.

An opportunity to get to know yourself, to love yourself, and be who you truly are.

What Will You Gain From This Programme?

Details of your Soul-level Talents, and how to use them to overcome your life path Challenges, and achieve your Worldly and Spiritual Goals. 

Illumination of your Soul’s path of Destiny. 

Personalised Past-Life healing to bring love, peace, joy and fulfilment to your past, present, and future. 

Clarity, insight and a way forward.

A renewed sense of ease, calm and unshakeable self-belief.

Powerful techniques for compassion and forgiveness.

A practical and easy routine you can use every day for grounding, balancing your chakras, and ensuring your Aura is intact, without any annoying tears or attachments. 

A deep connection to your sovereignty, and a sense of freedom to be and do what you love.

Last year I had a Soul Plan Reading with Lucy. That was one of the best readings of my life. A few months later, I  signed up for the Dharma Sessions Programme. I wanted to do it because I was feeling stuck in my life, looking for answers, and a new direction. Through the Dharma Sessions Programme, I was able to dissolve blocks and obstacles; I learned to stretch time, clear my aura, and I also set up my fan Page on social media, which was a task I dreaded in the past! I am now back to doing Yoga, extending my meditation, and I have achieved my goal of starting my creative writing project. I have started attracting new experiences in my life that feel good, and it feels like opening a new door. I’m very grateful to the Universe for bringing us together! I’m grateful for your meditation session, which I love the most. I recommend this programme to my colleagues and friends who are looking for advice, training and new exercises to help them attract abundance and find a clear path forward. ~ Renata Krasucka, Psychic Intuitive & Healer


“My sessions with Lucy have helped me to realise that I am capable of writing a new scenario for my life, and that looks nothing like my past. Her knowledge, tools and techniques are versatile and she adapts them to the given challenge that has to be faced. She relates easily and deeply and does not judge you whatever comes up. Her humour and smile are a huge added value! I can highly recommend her for those who are ready for a shift and a new start in the chapters of life.” ~ Kinga Darko, TV Broadcasting Professional


Lucy is a light. The initial sessions and follow-up guidance really gave me a huge sense of clarity as to what I should do next in my life. It showed me I needed to explore and acknowledge my talents. Giving me that confidence meant I could step onto my true path – and now I’ve done that, things are so much joyful, easier and full of abundance. Thank you for showing me the way.”  ~  Sarah Lloyd, owner Indigo Soul PR and Indigo Soul Healing.


Programme Structure

We’ll start with an introductory session first, to get a clear map of how you want to work together, where your road blocks are, and what you’d most love to focus on during our time together. 

Some clients have worked with the Soul Guidance reading as a starting point; others have eased in to the programme with the 5 coaching & mentoring sessions first. The programme is unique because it’s been designed to be flexible and completely supportive of exactly where you are right now.

Example schedule of the Dharma Sessions Programme:

Session 1 – Introductory Session. We’ll meet for tea online via Zoom and get a feel for the route that’s a best fit for you, your energy, and the transformation you are currently navigating.

Session 2 – Soul Plan Session. Discover the powerful energetic archetypes contained within your soul blueprint; learn how your inherent talents, skills and gifts have been curated to help you overcome challenges and obstacles in your lifetime, delve deeper into what you are here to experience at soul level in this incarnation, family conditioning, and possible past-life experience that has shaped your perception of your reality today, and leave the session with a sense of inner peace and recognition, knowing the essence of your true Self.

Session 3 – Past-life Regression Healing session with a focus on resolving some of the conditioning/limiting belief patterns/familial programming that may have been driving your life choices up to now.

Session 4 – Conflicting Parts Session. This gentle and powerful process opens up the space for deep forgiveness, healing and integration of all the previously unloved parts of us, to help overcome ‘bad’ habits such as self-sabotage, procrastination, or self-doubt, for example. When all parts of ourselves are integrated, we are more congruent, empowered and clear in our decisions and actions in life.

Session 5 – Chakra and Aura Balancing. This session will take the form of an energy healing session first, focusing on the harmony and alignment of your chakra energy system with a Reiki blessing. You will also learn a simple and effective process for grounding your own energy, and balancing your chakras that you can use in your every day practice.

Session 6 – Core Transformation Therapy with Timeline Re-imprinting. In this session you’ll learn how to melt away, dissolve and unravel limitations, and deeply-entrenched obstacles that have prevented you from living life the way you desire. Experiencing this process feels like a long overdue kindness to yourself.   

Your Investment Includes:

1 x 90 minute individual Soul Plan Session (worth £111) 

5x coaching, healing & guidance sessions, which may also include past-life healing, depending on your individual needs.

Journal prompts and inquiry questions in between sessions to facilitate integration and processing of information covered in each session.

Reading list recommendations

Email contact time in-between sessions.

An exclusive Dharma Sessions Resource Pack full of useful tools, links and other resources for a flourishing life.

Sessions are scheduled to suit your timetable and can be conducted via Zoom.

The Dharma Sessions Summer School Programme is now closed for 2018.

Bookings re-open on 3rd September 2018 for the Dharma Sessions Autumn Retreat Package.

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I’m looking forward to sharing this incredible journey with you.

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