How to give & receive praise, recognition & positive feedback.


I’m on a mission to make self-worth and lovability a priority, so that we can truly flourish in life, & in business.


This is, by far, one of the most talked about themes in my 1:1 sessions.

A big part of cultivating greater self-worth & lovability is being able to both give & receive praise, recognition & positive feedback *including compliments* with Grace.

Most of us are familiar with how it feels to give out compliments, good vibes, & love bombs, and delivering encouraging, supportive feedback. But when it comes to receiving? Not so much.

I’m talking ninja-level skills at deflecting compliments, and batting off praise like a pro.

It’s time for that to stop.

You, my magical, extraordinary friend, deserve every single ounce of praise, good vibes, compliments, and recognition that is coming your way from all angles and timelines.

That’s right. Your Future Self is so damn proud of you and wants to shower you with love and support. Are you ready to be open to receiving the love and support you deserve?*

This free workbook will get you started on the journey to mastering the art of giving & receiving praise, compliments & recognition with a series of journal prompts, inquiry questions and contemplations.

With my love,


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