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Healing Perception Shift

Healing Perception Shift


There’s an ancient belief that shows up time and again in inner conflict resolution work that if you allow yourself to truly relax and fully experience joy in life, the Universe/God will then punish you, or the ones you love, with the onset of illness, injury, or misfortune.⁣

Intense, right?⁣

It shows up in subtle ways:⁣

“Expect the worst…”⁣

⁣ “Don’t get too excited, just in case it doesn’t work out…” ⁣

⁣“If I have too much of a good time, I start to feel guilty…” ⁣

Any of these sound familiar?⁣

This belief is entangled with our ancestral roots.

You can see how it can potentially have a devastating impact on our choices, habits, beliefs, behaviours, and overall ability to self-actualise.⁣

Through working with clients over the years, the most powerful and effective approach to changing the narrative to one that is more empowering, liberating, and supportive, is to go way back to the original glitch in the script, namely the forgetting of who, and what we really are, and the subsequent submission of our true power as a result of that collective amnesia.⁣

Does this resonate on a deep cellular level?



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