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How You Feel Is Enough


How You Feel Is Enough


We’ve all been there. Feeling like you just don’t want to show up and be seen, heard, felt – on social media, in business, in life – and yet you show up anyway, only to feel deeply exhausted and burned out afterwards.⁣

“Should’ve just stayed in bed” kind of feeling.⁣

I have a question for you:⁣

Have you ever felt that the “I don’t feel like it” feeling isn’t enough?⁣

Unhealed inner conflict says,⁣

“What will my excuse be? How will I justify it?”⁣

“How can I compromise so I don’t disappoint anyone?” ⁣

“What if I just do it anyway and get it over with?”⁣

This type of inner conflict is often fuelled by feelings of guilt, shame, and fear of disappointing others. ⁣

There are all kinds of stories for the ego to get inflamed around about being flaky, and unreliable, and what that does and does not mean.⁣

But here’s something I invite you to contemplate if this happens to be one of your inner conflicts: ⁣

What if…forcing yourself to ​show up when you don’t feel like it is actually doing a great disservice⁣
to yourself, and to those around you.⁣

What if… truly honouring how you feel, is actually an act of graciousness.⁣

Fear says,⁣

“But what if you NEVER feel like showing up, EVER?” ​🙃⁣

And the GIFT of this inner conflict says,⁣

“What’s meant for you will not pass you by.”⁣

How you feel, is enough.⁣

No excuses, justifications, or compromises.⁣

Let me know if this resonates with you.



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