Soul Guidance Individual Sessions + Partnership Readings



Soul Guidance Individual Session

This 90 minute session looks at your unique talents, challenges and goals in this lifetime and includes the opportunity to explore the vibration of any name changes you’ve had, for example through marriage / adoption.

Sessions available in-person or online via Zoom.

Investment for yourself: £111 

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Cosmic Connection Partnership Reading / Relationship Reading.

This 2 hour session initially covers the birth charts of each party as individuals and then as a unit.

In the second half of the session we will focus on the cosmic connection and energetic dynamic between the two soul charts, highlighting complimentary aspects, harmonious elements and dynamic flow of energy between the two.

In some cases, the partnership itself functions as a third entity, with an energetic signature of its own, offering fascinating insights into powerful relationship aspects that perhaps have yet to be explored.

Partnership readings can be done for family relationships and/or romantic relationships.

Sessions available in-person or online via Zoom.

Investment for yourself: £197

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**For returning clients who have had an individual Soul Destiny reading and would like to explore their energetic dynamic with a partner, the following option is available.

Relationship Reading: Cosmic Connection (Returning Client)
Investment for yourself: £165

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What is a Soul Plan?

Like having a road map of your life, with all the coordinates to see things from a higher perspective, Soul Plan is a combination of numerology, science and spirituality that uses your birth name, as it appears on your birth certificate, to cast your unique Soul Plan chart. 

Your original birth name holds a unique resonance that has a powerful impact on your personality and the experiences you consciously and unconsciously choose in life.

My Soul Plan sessions have been designed to help you gain understanding around the challenges you’ve experienced in life, clarity around which direction you’d like to move towards, and provide you with insight into your innate Worldly and Spiritual talents that will help you live your life in alignment with your Soul Destiny.

An example of a Soul Plan chart using the Star of Creation system:

Each session includes:

  • Detailed information about how your innate talents can help you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals in your lifetime.
  • Detailed information about your Worldly and Spiritual goals, including any practical action points to take to align your life path with your Soul Destiny.
  • A Grace Clearing and Soul Re-Alignment healing to close the session.
  • A mini Soul Plan PDF booklet, including your charts and additional information about each aspect. This will be sent to you via email once the session is complete.
  • A voice recording of the session. Once our session is complete, I will send this file to you via a link to Dropbox.  

Sessions take place face-to-face or via video conference on Zoom.

If you’d like to ask me any questions about Soul Plan and how it can help you live your life in alignment, click on the link below to get in touch.

Gift vouchers are also available for all Soul Plan sessions.

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