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I Want to Know WHO I Truly Am:

Soul Plan Coaching: Life + Career Mapping

Past Life Healing + Integration

I Want to Know HOW to Use My Talents + Gifts to Make a Difference in the World Without Burning Myself Out:

Align, Refine, Design Your Business, Your Way

Soul Plan Business Reading

I Feel Overwhelmed with Too Much Information / Too Many Ideas. I Want Clarity on My Next Step Forward:

‘Space for Grace’

I Feel Stuck + I’m Ready to Heal Old, Unhelpful Mentalities, Behaviours, Feelings + Responses:

Core Transformation Healing


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About Lucy

I’m a career & life reinvention guide with a difference. Like you, I’ve been a seeker my whole life; searching for answers that would tell me who I was meant to be, and how I was meant to make a difference in the world. It was only until I learned that the answers I was seeking lay deep within me, that I started being who I came here to be.

I’m here to hold space for you to feel seen, heard, + held as you uncover your Truth of who you are, and bask in the a-ha insights that will illuminate your path & touch your life with Grace.