Discover a new perspective on your current timeline by exploring your spiritual journey across multiple lifetimes. 

By unearthing and processing our memories from prior lifetimes, we release the experiences that may be blocking access to our infinite potential in our current life. We also open up the opportunity to reinforce the talents and learnings we have carried forward from prior incarnations.

The energetic release resulting from conflict-resolution can lead to the healing of unresolved issues, such as anger and resentment; fears around being seen and expressing your truth; feelings of guilt and shame; internal conflict around power vs powerlessness, and unfulfilled expectations, for example.

The goal of a Past-Life Healing Session is to find the root of present-life symptoms, and gently dissolve any residual energy patterns from previous lifetimes to help you to heal yourself emotionally and physically, and enhance harmony and wholeness in your present life.

Sessions available in-person or online via Zoom.

Investment for yourself:

£75 (90 minute session)

Follow-up sessions are available.


Lucy Anne Chard is trained in 4 integrated modalities of Timeline Regression Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.

Whilst sessions are healing in nature, they are not a substitute for medical advice from your GP (general practitioner/Doctor).

If you are considering a session as a gift, please ensure the recipient is open to the concepts of the Soul journey/Past-Life work.