Working with Lucy over 6 weeks has been one of the most impactful if not the most impactful self-discovery experiences I have ever had. I am absolutely blown away at the internal and external changes that continue for me even six week after completion. My real life purpose has become more clear, my relationships have shifted, my heart has mended, and the anxiety lessened. Most of all, the relationship with myself has improved. Lucy is a wonderful and talented guide, teacher and facilitator and an absolutely lovely person to work with. Lucy will hold a space for you and honour your every need. I connected with Lucy so well and I know that if you are reading this, you can too.

~ Dominika Sarosiek, Coach, UK


I can’t tell you how much you helped me. I have so much appreciation in my heart, My dreams have been deep and very healing. Today when I woke up I reached for the feeling that I wanted to feel for myself in my day. A flood of angel wings suddenly surrounded me. I realised that by handing my life, my intentions, my pure heart to the angels and to grant them the power to guide me and my life with total faith that they would bring to me all the magic, oneness and knowing that I crave. I felt that I was completely taken care of, protected and guided to my highest self and highest feeling of joy and fulfilment in my life.  My thanks are endless!

~ Maria Pomeroy, Investment Property Owner/Manager, USA


I signed up to work with Lucy over 6 weeks because I was feeling stuck in my life, looking for answers, and a new direction. Through the sessions, I was able to dissolve blocks and obstacles; I learned to stretch time, clear my aura, and I also set up my fan Page on social media, which was a task I dreaded in the past! I am now back to practising Yoga, extending my meditation, and I have achieved my goal of starting my creative writing project. I have started attracting new experiences in my life that feel good, and it feels like opening a new door. I would recommend Sacred Dharma Rising to my colleagues and friends who are looking for training to help them attract abundance and find a clear path forward.

~ Renata Krasucka, Intuitive Healer, UK


Lucy is a light. The initial sessions and follow-up guidance really gave me a huge sense of clarity as to what I should do next in my life. It showed me I needed to explore and acknowledge my talents. Giving me that confidence meant I could step onto my true path – and now I’ve done that, things are so much more joyful, easier and full of abundance. Thank you for showing me the way. 

~ Sarah Lloyd, PR, UK


Your focus on heart healing and creating a safe space, & your ability to see the best in everyone is unique…And your meditations are astral! I’ve had deep experiences with all of them. Thank you!

~ Susan Brochin, Teacher, USA


Every time I leave a session with you I feel magical! You’ve taught me things that have helped me so much & with such love and compassion. You’re a beautiful, sparkly Angel! Thank you Lucy.

~ Anna Sofronio, Artist, UK


I first met Lucy at the Mind, Body and Soul festival in London. She has such a lovely welcoming and peaceful energy, so you feel good from the start. The session brings so much clarity about who you are and gives an incredible guidance. So many things I always reflected about myself and events that already happened in my life came to light during the session, including health related aspects. I believe it is one of the best ways to understand yourself and your purpose in this life!  I am very grateful to you Lucy for this insightful and inspiring guidance. Thank you!

~ Dr Elaine Raupp Di Bernardi, Associate Dentist, UK 


Working with Lucy has helped me gain so much more clarity about myself and my soul’s callings and gave me much to reflect on. It’s given me confidence in myself to go for my dream – and the understanding as to why I find certain areas of life and work challenging so I can now consciously choose to deal with them rather than feeling lost and confused. I love Lucy’s calm, grounded wisdom and I felt so safe and heard, opening up to talk about some of the issues and resonances the reading brought up for me. I highly recommend, without hesitation, that if you’re a fellow sensitive soul feeling the calling for a deeper understanding of yourself, your essential nature and what your soul is here to do in this life that you should book a session with Lucy. She will help you connect to yourself deeply so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

~ Stella Tomlinson, Dru Yoga Teacher, UK


My sessions with Lucy have helped me to realise that I am capable of writing a new scenario for my life, and that looks nothing like my past. Her knowledge, tools and techniques are versatile and she adapts them to the given challenge that has to be faced. She relates easily and deeply and does not judge you whatever comes up. Her humour and smile are a huge added value! I can highly recommend her for those who are ready for a shift and a new start in the chapters of life.

~ Kinga Darko, TV Broadcasting Professional, UK


I wish I had known Lucy a couple of years ago when I was feeling simultaneously stuck and lost in life purpose and direction. My session with her helped to confirm that I am indeed tuning-in to my soul’s calling – by sharing messages of health, healing and hope. I’m very glad to know that I now have a valuable resource in Lucy, to help in this very important aspect of life.

– Tara Baklund, Weight-free Wellness, USA

Lucy is one of the most effervescent and truly delightful people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is highly intuitive and deeply connected to the work she is doing. I’ve always left sessions with her feeling seen, heard and wholly looked after. She patiently takes her time to understand the issue, and magically takes you exactly where you need to go. She has a gift. I can’t wait to go back for more!

~ Suparna Malhotra, Business Coach, UK


My sessions with Lucy have enabled me to process my thoughts and ideas more effectively and visualise a positive transition to a much healthier state. Working with her has allowed me to move forward with a clearer mind and a lighter heart, with the ability to effect real change for my future. Her knowledge and passion for her work are palpable; I can’t recommend sessions with Lucy highly enough.

~ Amy Higgins, TV Broadcasting Professional, UK


This session was a gift to myself, and Oh My! What a gift! Lucy has an amazing energy and ability. The session was so accurate and I found it surprising emotional as it resonated so deeply at times. I feel I know and understand more of myself. I have answers to questions I’ve had my whole life. My soul danced all day after this session. I loved it!

~ Jane Clarke, Hypnotherapist, UK


Thank you so much for my session. The time you spent with me explaining my charts flew by and so much resonated about who I feel I am, but what I benefited from the most was seeing where my talents lie and in which aspects of life I will flourish when I focus my time and energy on these. Taking in all this information has given me a stronger sense of purpose, direction and confidence. Thank you Lucy for this profound insight!

  ~ Simone von Bulow, Jewellery Designer, South Africa