** I am currently taking a break from client-facing work. If you would like some help relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep, check out my audio-only meditations for Sleep and Wellbeing on the Insight Timer website and app.

Welcome to my offerings page!

You can access all my current services from this page.

It’s a great joy for me to personally guide my clients. I approach each session as if I am connecting with a kindred spirit, and that my role is to be a gentle advisor, compassionate listener, and trusted guide for this precious time we have together.

I work seasonally in my business, meaning I release new products and services quarterly. I offer 1:1 private guidance through video calls.

Through my email community, you’ll know that I give a lot of content away for free as my public service. I hope you find value from this.

There are currently 3 ways we can work together:

Space for Grace: Get Clear on Your Next Steps

Feeling stuck and just want to talk it through with someone, and get a fresh perspective? Let me be a sounding board for you. Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Let me help you filter out what’s not important, so you can focus on what is.

These sessions offer nourishing, gentle guidance with your Heart in mind. Space held for epiphanies and aha’s to emerge through you. So you can untangle the knots, let go of the ruminating, and move forward with your next right step.  

Currently on hiatus

Align, Refine & Design Your Business, Your Way

Whether you’re a brand new business owner, or a leader in your field who is looking to embody the next level, having a framework that’s fuelled by your vision and in alignment with your energy and how you’re designed to flourish in business (using your Human Design for insight), is the most solid foundation you can implement for the sustainable future of your business. Have you ever started the year and thought, ‘I just have to start looking for clients?’ So, you get busy creating some marketing and sales posts on social media, and hope that someone will resonate with your offer so you can achieve your goals, make your mission come true, and live your big vision.

Most business owners start like this. It’s the wrong way round. And a recipe for burnout.

It’s NOT your product or service that needs to attract prospects and clients. It’s your vision and your message that needs to resonate with the RIGHT prospects and clients first. Products and services come later.

If you’re called to create a powerful, inspiring, big vision that communicates your highest values and beliefs to the marketplace, get in touch via email to arrange an initial session to see if we’re a good fit. There are a limited number of places available. I’d love to have you.

Currently on hiatus

Unburden & Heal

If you’re seeking a gentle, yet powerful way to remove obstacles to success and move beyond inner struggle into experiencing inner peace with your deepest self, so that you’re able to recognise, accept, and work with all parts of you, then I invite you to an Unburden & Heal session with me. Using an inner healing approach and drawing from the modalities of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Core Transformation Therapy, and Timeline Healing, these sessions are designed to help you return to the core of your unwounded Self, and build a more compassionate, supportive relationship with all parts of you, rather than ignoring, fighting, or condemning parts of you that you find challenging.

Some of the areas where Unburden & Heal sessions can be helpful: overcoming insomnia, working through difficult, conflicting emotions, working through low self esteem, perfectionism, trouble with decision-making, difficulty trusting yourself, getting unstuck and moving through feelings of stagnation in your life/business.

This isn’t therapy. It’s a way of untangling problems and finding solutions for people who want to change their lives, without spending a lifetime doing so

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