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Signs of Inner Conflict


Have you ever felt like part of you wants one thing, but another part of you pulls you in a different direction?


For example:

You crave a good night’s sleep, yet you lie awake night after night

You want to make a start on creating your next piece of work, but you keep procrastinating

You hide behind ‘being busy’, even though you know it’s not really serving you. 


We call this internal push & pull experience ‘conflicting parts’ i.e. where some aspect of our behaviour is out of alignment with what we truly want.


When we struggle to move ahead, manifest, create the lasting peace and ease in life that we truly desire, often it’s because we have unintegrated conflicting parts in our unconscious that we haven’t yet healed. 


Conflicting parts show up in many different ways. From working with clients over the last few years, I’ve seen conflicting parts show up in many forms such as the ones I’ve written about here in this post, and many others. 


These are a few signs  you can look out for to know if you have conflicting parts. Can you relate to any of these?

Let me know.


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