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Signs of Unmet Emotional Needs


Signs of Unmet Emotional Needs

We all have unconscious shadow patterns that show up every now and then, even if we don’t want them to.

For example:

Shaming or belittling others if you feel challenged.

Lashing out as a form of revenge because “they hurt you first.”

Shutting down emotionally when another person clearly states their boundaries.

Resenting others who appear to you to be succeeding where you want to succeed. 

When we struggle to cultivate true intimacy and integrity in our relationships, act out our defensive and/or protective impulses, and project all of our perceived lack onto others, often it’s because we have deep, unmet emotional needs that are driving our unconscious shadow patterns.

Sometimes, our unmet emotional needs show up in some of the most challenging  and hurtful of ways, such as the ones I’ve written about here in this post.

In each one of these scenarios, there’s an unmet emotional need driving the shadow pattern.

For example: 

The need for unconditional love.

The need to feel valued.

The need to belong.

The need to feel worthy.

Can you see part of your own story, or the stories of your loved ones, here?


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