Are you in the midst of reimagining your life & career?

Would you like more clarity, direction & practical guidance on how you can use your gifts to help more people & have the impact you desire in the world?


Like having a secret treasure map to reveal more flow, joy & fulfilment in your life – with all the coordinates to see things from a higher perspective – Soul Plan is a combination of numerology, science, and spirituality that uses your original birth name to cast your unique Soul Plan chart. 

When we work together using the modality of Soul Plan, you’ll receive tangible insight into who you truly are at soul level, followed by practical guidance on how you can embody your new-found self-knowledge for greater success and satisfaction in life.

My Soul Plan Coaching sessions have been described as “a deliciously divine conversation for illumination and empowerment.”

My clients come away from these sessions feeling truly seen, heard and validated



Soul Plan Coaching sessions are held online via Zoom video conferencing.  The session will be recorded, and you’ll receive an audio copy afterwards.

You’ll also receive a copy of your Soul Plan chart.

Sessions are 90 min  |  £180

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When we work together in a Soul Plan Coaching session, you’ll receive:

Practical, insightful information on your life mission & your soul purpose

Insight into potential health areas to be aware of in your life, and tangible tools you can implement to ensure you maintain your vitality.

Expansive, conscious awareness of the soul-level gifts you carry from past incarnations (hint – it’s not always what you think!)

A greater sense of liberation, and inner peace that comes from knowing yourself, empowering yourself, and loving who you truly are. 

When you truly connect with the vibrations of the cosmic & earthly energies you are blessed with, you are truly empowered to consciously co-create with your Higher Self – and the Universe – in a whole new way.  


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About Lucy

I’m a career & life reinvention guide with a difference. I have a gift for helping people design their future based on their innate soul-level strengths + what they do best, and a reputation for illuminating practical solutions that dismantle confusion & overwhelm, so that powerful transformation can take place in a calm, grace-filled way