Are you feeling stuck at a crossroads, not quite sure which direction to take?


What if there was a simple way to get more clarity, direction & practical guidance on HOW to make use of your natural talents & have the impact you desire in the world…?


Like having a treasure map with all the coordinates to see things from a higher perspective, Soul Plan Coaching is a method I’ve developed over the last 10 years to help you get back into alignment with what’s meaningful and purposeful for you.


Using a powerful combination of insights from the modalities of Soul Plan Mapping + Human Design,  you’ll receive:


 – A comprehensive overview of the overarching purpose your soul has come to experience in this lifetime

 – Practical insight into how you’re energetically designed to be prosperous in the world

 – Clarity on what career areas to focus on that will help you move from stuck to flourishing

 – Tangible steps on how you can apply your Aura Mechanics and Soul-level Gifts for greater success and satisfaction in life.


Clients come away from these sessions feeling truly seen, heard + validated




Soul Plan Coaching sessions are held online via Zoom video conferencing.  The session will be recorded, and you’ll receive an audio copy afterwards.

You’ll also receive digital copies of your Soul Plan chart + Your Human Design Bodygraph 

Sessions are 120 min  |  £250


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When we work together in a Soul Plan Coaching session, you’ll receive:


 – Practical, insightful information on your life mission & your soul purpose

 – Insight into your unique energetic blueprint + how you are designed to be prosperous in the world.

 – Potential areas of your life where you may be unconsciously ‘leaking’ energy, and practical remedies for resolution.

 – Expansive awareness of the soul-level gifts you carry with you from past incarnations + how you can put these innate gifts to good use in this lifetime 

 – A greater sense of liberation, and inner peace that comes from knowing yourself, empowering yourself, and loving who you truly are. 


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