Are you ready to receive tangible insight and supportive guidance from your Higher Self?

Would you love to unlock your cosmic calling and re-connect with your soul destiny to bring more of your integrity, creativity, and much-needed magic into the world?


My Soul Plan Coaching sessions have been described as “a deliciously divine conversation for illumination and empowerment” and “like having a road map to your life, with all the co-ordinates in place to directly connect with your Higher Self.” 

My clients come away from these sessions feeling truly seen, heard and appreciated.

When we work together, you get to receive what you need the most in a gentle, safe space as you listen to the wisdom of your own soul voice.

I’ll hold sacred space as we sail together through the realms of possibility to illuminate the very best in you.




I met Lucy at a Mind, Body & Spirit show a couple of years ago for a mini Soul Plan reading, and just loved her beautiful energy and enthusiasm for her subject. 

I am in the middle of a total lifestyle change, and since my Soul Plan coaching session, I now know my proper direction. My biggest take-away from my session is confirmation of just how connected I am to the natural world and how, all along I’ve been on my soul’s correct path. After the session was complete, I felt totally free and energized…anything is possible!

The 3 words I’d use to describe my session are: Transformational, Amazing, and Beautiful.

Lucy knows her subject inside out and lives it as well as being intuitive, and she totally connects with you. I can recommend Lucy’s Soul Plan reading, she is a very special soul and it was beautiful to connect with her.

~ Barbara Trim


The session overflowed with resonance. I found the information Lucy shared with me about myself based on the Soul Plan Birth chart was spot on- extremely accurate. My biggest take away is when I listen deeply, I already know what I need to know as I am never separated from Source, the Truth of who I am. This session affirmed for me that I already know what I need to know, and I just need to stay the course. The three words I’d use to describe my session are: resonant, affirming, & enlightening. Lucy is amazing!! Book a session with her. You will be incredibly pleased that you did. She’s very gifted. I want to do more with her based on what was revealed in my Soul Plan.

~ Dawn Wilson, Teacher, Oakland, California



Having worked with Lucy before I knew the high quality care I would receive. My most valued gift was being seen and heard regarding some of my deepest and oldest wounds and to own the positive sides of those experiences. I am more accepting of my own wounds, feel I know more about the depth of my journey and have a more reassuring glimpse of what plans I may make ahead as I continue to provide care to myself and clients. The three words I’d use to describe my session are: calming, centered, union. Since receiving my Soul Plan activation, I am exploring even more what self-acceptance and relaxation feels like. I seriously take time everyday for me without judgement and therein lies the discipline! ~ Shelley Lynn Hines, Registered Nurse, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Evolutionary Astrologer & owner of Astrology Shines, Midwife – Salem Oregon


I wish I had known Lucy a couple of years ago when I was feeling simultaneously stuck and lost in life purpose and direction. My recent Soul Plan Coaching session helped to confirm that I am indeed tuning-in to my soul’s calling – by sharing messages of health, healing and hope. I’m very glad to know that I now have a valuable resource in Lucy to help in this very important aspect of life. ~ Tara Baklund Owner & Creator of The Weight-free Wellness Podcast


The session brings so much clarity about who you are and gives an incredible guidance. So many things I always reflected about myself and events that already happened in my life came to light during the session, including health related aspects. I believe it is one of the best ways to understand yourself and your purpose in this life!  I am very grateful to you Lucy for this insightful and inspiring guidance. Thank you! ~ Dr Elaine Raupp Di Bernardi, Associate Dentist 


This session was a gift to myself, and Oh My! What a gift! Lucy has an amazing energy and ability. The reading was so accurate and I found it surprisingly emotional as it resonated so deeply at times. I feel I know and understand more of myself. I have answers to questions I’ve had my whole life, and continued to get more and more clarity afterwards. My soul danced all day after this reading.  I loved it!”  ~ Jane ClarkeHypnotherapist at Jane Clarke Hypnotherapy.

From the moment the session started, I was totally fascinated by the concept of my birth name influencing my life path. What I loved the most was seeing where my talents lie and in which aspects of life I will flourish when I focus my time and energy on these. Taking in all this information has given me a stronger sense of purpose, direction and confidence. Thank you Lucy for this profound insight!  ~ Simone von Bulow,Jewellery Designer


Soul Plan Coaching sessions are held via Zoom video conferencing, where we will be able to look at your chart together.  The session will be recorded, and you’ll receive an audio copy of the session afterwards!

You will also receive a copy of your chart.

I can’t wait to sail through the cosmic soul realms with you!

Sessions are 90 min  |  £222

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When we work together in a Soul Plan Coaching session, you’ll receive:

Practical, insightful information on your soul calling – your sacred cosmic fractal, if you will!.

Insight into potential health areas to be aware of in your chart, and tangible tools you can implement to ensure you maintain your vitality.

Expansive, conscious awareness of the soul-level gifts you’ve brought into this lifetime from past incarnations (hint – it’s not always what you think!)

A greater sense of liberation, and inner peace that comes from knowing yourself, empowering yourself, and loving who you truly are. 


Soul Plan Coaching sessions are my favourite way of working one-to-one. 

We get to journey together through the crystalline waters of the soul realms, and emerge embodied, empowered, and inspired!

Like having a secret treasure map to reveal more flow, joy & fulfilment in your life – with all the coordinates to see things from a higher perspective – Soul Plan is a combination of numerology, science, and spirituality that uses your original birth name to cast your unique Soul Plan chart. 

When you truly connect with the vibrations of the cosmic & earthly energies you are blessed with, you can begin to consciously co-create with your Higher Self – and the Universe – in a whole new way.  

My favourite aspects to focus on are past lives, uncovering intuitive/psychic talents & gifts that lie just below the surface of your conscious awareness, and your soul destiny. 

It’s an honour to serve you in this way!


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