“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver

…”I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body” ~ Dele Olanub

A Soul Plan reading is like a GPS system for your Soul…guiding you towards the life path that leads to wholeness.

A Soul Plan reading is a helpful method for truly getting to know yourself; from why you do the things you do, to what your Soul is guiding you to experience in this lifetime.

New career options may open up for you based on your inherent talents and you may experience a deep healing of the past that will help you to understand and accept yourself.

How does it work?

The Soul Plan system accesses the vibration of your birth name (as it is written on your birth certificate).

Your birth name holds a very specific resonance that has a powerful impact on your personality and the experiences you choose in life, consciously and unconsciously. 

A reading will help you gain clarity and understanding of the journey you’re on and provide you with insight to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

The System:

The Soul Plan system has its roots in the ancient Hebrew texts, the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar .

It also references a method of gematria as channelled by Dr Frank Alper (1930-2007) under the title “Numerology of Moses”.

Blue Marsden, the founder of the Holistic Healing College in London, has further developed the system into the modern healing tool it is today.

The Soul Plan system assigns each letter of your name to the corresponding Hebrew alphabet letter and then translates this version of your name into numerical values by a specific calculation.

The numbers are paired with their equivalent symbol and are arranged around a Star of Creation, as in the Soul Plan example chart below. 

An example of a Soul Plan chart:

What’s included in a private, 1:1 reading:

  • Detailed information on the types of challenges you may have experienced/may be experiencing in your life and how to use your talents to overcome them. It will also include information on your worldly and spiritual goals and practical action points to implement on how to align your life with your Soul Destiny.
  • A bespoke Soul Plan PDF report that I will prepare for you, including any channeled information, to keep for personal reference and guidance.
  • Additional healing on any limiting beliefs and/or energetic blocks may also be included in the reading. 

I wish I had known Lucy a couple of years ago when I was feeling simultaneously stuck and lost in life purpose and direction. Lucy has a well-rounded tool-kit to help at such times in life. My recent Soul Plan Reading with her helped to confirm that I am indeed tuning-in to my soul’s calling – by sharing messages of health, healing and hope. I’m very glad to know that I now have a valuable resource in Lucy, to help in this very important aspect of life. ~ Tara Baklund, Owner & Creator of The Weight-free Wellness Podcast

Thank you so much for my Soul Plan reading. From the moment the reading started, I was totally fascinated by the concept of my birth name influencing my life path. The time you spent with me explaining my charts flew by and so much resonated about who I feel I am, but what I benefited from the most was seeing where my talents lie and in which aspects of life I will flourish when I focus my time and energy on these. Taking in all this information has given me a stronger sense of purpose and direction and confidence. Thank you Lucy for this profound insight!” ~ Simone von Bulow, Jewellery Designer

Once we’ve arranged a mutually convenient time for your session, I’ll confirm payment details with you over email.   

Face-to-face sessions take place in Uxbridge and I am also available to conduct readings via video call on Skype.

Please note: a 48-hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the full session fee will be charged.


Individual Soul Plan Readings: This reading focuses on your birth name.

Cost: £75 and lasts approx 90 minutes

Overlay Readings (including Name Changes)This reading covers your birth name and any name changes you’ve had during your lifetime.

Cost: £85 and lasts approx 90 minutes

Relationship ReadingsThis reading covers the full birth name of both partners as individuals first; then we go into the relationship dynamic to look at how both Souls compliment, encourage and support each other. Relationship readings can be done for family dynamics, work dynamics and/or romantic relationships.

Cost: £100 and lasts between 90 minutes – 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the charts

Business Optimisation Readings: In this reading we’ll cover your original Soul Plan, plus up to three business names and/or product names you are thinking about using. The Business Optimisation technique looks at how your business name compliments and supports your individual goals and talents and can be useful for making a decision if you’ve got a few ideas that haven’t landed yet.

Cost: £100 and lasts approx 90 minutes

All readings include a Soul Re-alignment and Grace Clearing at the end of the session; this is a simple, gentle method of closing the reading and allowing for healing to take place.

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