A Soul Plan Life Purpose Analysis session is like a GPS system for your Soul; a system designed to gently and powerfully guide you towards your life path that leads you to wholeness.


“I wish I had known Lucy a couple of years ago when I was feeling simultaneously stuck and lost in life purpose and direction. Lucy has a well-rounded tool-kit to help at such times in life. My recent Soul Plan Reading with her helped to confirm that I am indeed tuning-in to my soul’s calling – by sharing messages of health, healing and hope. I’m very glad to know that I now have a valuable resource in Lucy, to help in this very important aspect of life.” ~ Tara Baklund, Owner & Creator of The Weight-free Wellness Podcast


How does it work?

The Soul Plan system is a combination of numerology, science and spirituality that uses your birth name, as it appears on your birth certificate, to cast your unique Soul Plan chart. 

Your original birth name holds a resonance that has a powerful impact on your personality and the experiences you consciously and unconsciously choose in life.

The Soul Plan Life Purpose Analysis Sessions have been designed to help you gain understanding around the challenges you’ve experienced in life, clarity around which direction you’d like to move towards, and provide you with insight into your innate Worldly and Spiritual talents that will help you achieve your goals.

An example of a Soul Plan chart using the Star of Creation system:

What’s included in a Soul Plan session:

  • Detailed information about how your Worldly & Spiritual talents can help you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals in your lifetime.
  • Detailed information about your Worldly and Spiritual goals, including any practical action points to take to to align your life path with your Soul Destiny.
  • A Grace Clearing and Soul Re-Alignment healing to close the session.
  • A mini Soul Plan PDF booklet, including your charts and additional information about each aspect. This will be sent to you via email once the session is complete.
  • A voice recording of the session. Once our session is complete, I will send this file to you via a link to Dropbox.  

Face-to-face sessions take place in Uxbridge or via video call on Skype.

My Soul Plan reading with Lucy has helped me gain so much more clarity about myself and my soul’s callings and gave me much to reflect on. I‘m at a time of transition in my life and work with so many ideas along with a whole lot of over-thinking and confusion!

My Soul Plan reading helped to give me clarity on why I think and behave in certain ways as well as confirming that the direction I feel called to take my work is definitely the right path for me. It’s given me confidence in myself to go for my dream – and the understanding as to why I find certain areas of life and work challenging so I can now consciously choose to deal with them rather than feeling lost and confused.

I love Lucy’s calm, grounded wisdom and I felt so safe and heard opening up to talk about some of the issues and resonances the reading brought up for me. I highly recommend, without hesitation, that if you’re a fellow sensitive soul feeling the calling for a deeper understanding of yourself, your essential nature and what your soul is here to do in this life that you should book a Soul Plan reading with Lucy. She will help you connect to yourself deeply so you can move forward with confidence and vision.” ~ Stella Tomlinson, Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher http://livingyogawithstella.com/blog/

Thank you so much for my Soul Plan reading. From the moment the reading started, I was totally fascinated by the concept of my birth name influencing my life path. The time you spent with me explaining my charts flew by and so much resonated about who I feel I am, but what I benefited from the most was seeing where my talents lie and in which aspects of life I will flourish when I focus my time and energy on these. Taking in all this information has given me a stronger sense of purpose and direction and confidence. Thank you Lucy for this profound insight!”Simone von Bulow, Jewellery Designer



Soul Plan Life Purpose Analysis Session

This 90 minute – 2 hour session covers the Soul Plan chart based on your birth name and includes the opportunity to explore the vibration of any name changes you’ve had during your lifetime, for example through marriage / adoption.

Cost: £100 

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Soul Plan Relationship Session

This 2 hour session covers the Soul Plan birth charts of each party as an individual first. The second half of the session looks at the relationship dynamic between the two Soul charts, to see how both Souls compliment, resonate with, and support each other.

Relationship dynamic sessions can be done for family relationships, office dynamics and/or romantic relationships.

Cost: £150

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Business Optimisation Readings

In this 2 hour session we’ll start with your original Soul Plan chart and include up to three business names / product names you’d like to use in your business. The Business Optimisation technique is helpful for deciding on a business name / product name / book title, for example, that will compliment your individual talents and goals. 

Cost: £150

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Dharma Sessions – Coach with Soul.

This unique coaching package includes a full Soul Plan Life Purpose Analysis Session, plus three additional private follow-up coaching sessions with me, scheduled weekly or fortnightly to suit your timetable.

These coaching sessions are designed to support you as you shift any limiting beliefs, fears or blocks that may be restricting you from living life in full alignment with your Soul Destiny.

Follow-up coaching sessions can take place face-to-face in my therapy room in Uxbridge, or via Skype.

Cost: £300 when booked as a package.

Individual coaching sessions are £85 per session if booked separately.

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Please note: a 48-hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the full session fee will be charged.

If you’d like to ask me any questions about Soul Plan and how it can help you live your life in alignment, click on the link below to get in touch.

Gift vouchers are also available for all Soul Plan sessions.

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