What’s Your Purpose In Life?

“I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body” 

~ Dele Olanub

Soul Plan is like a GPS system for your Soul…guiding you towards the life path that leads to wholeness.

If you are searching for clarity and meaning in your life, or if you just feel like you are going round in circles, repeating the same patterns and feeling ‘stuck,’ then a Soul Plan reading may help guide you home.

Gain a unique understanding of how your innate talents can help you overcome the challenges you are facing and achieve your goals for a fulfilled, blissful life.


Quantum Physics teaches us that everything in the universe is based on vibration and energy; that we are all from one, deeply connected energetically. 

A Soul Plan reading feels like ‘coming home,’ having connected to the core of who you are, at Soul level.

A reading will help you understand why you do the things you do; you may experience moments of bright clarity; new career options may open up for you based on your inherent talents and gifts and you’ll gain deep healing in areas of your life where you may have experienced pain and suffering in the past.

How does it work?

The Soul Plan Reading system accesses the energy of your birth name (as it is written on your birth certificate). Your birth name holds a very specific resonance that has a powerful impact on your personality and the experiences you choose in life, consciously and unconsciously. 

The name we are given at birth attracts us to what we need to experience in this life; the Soul chooses a particular set of circumstances for us to remember in this incarnation, in order for us to fully realise ourselves as spiritual beings in human form through the action of human experience.

A Soul Plan reading will help you to understand this journey and to align with your original blueprint, wholly and completely.

The System:

The Soul Plan system has its roots in the ancient Hebrew texts, the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar . It also references a method of gematria as channelled by Dr Frank Alper (1930-2007) under the title “Numerology of Moses”.

Blue Marsden, the founder of the Holistic Healing College in London, has further developed the system into the modern healing tool it is today.

The Soul Plan system assigns each letter of your name to the corresponding Hebrew alphabet letter and then translates this version of your name into numerical values by a specific calculation. The numbers are paired with their equivalent symbol and are arranged around a star shape as in the Soul Plan example chart below. 

The star is formed of two triangles; the downward triangle represents  your earthly challenges, talents and goals. These aspects of your life are often more prevalent in the first 35 years of life.

The upward triangle represents your spiritual challenges, goals and talents. These aspects tend to have more significance from your mid-thirties onwards, although this is unique to every individual and many embrace the Spiritual aspects earlier in life.

Your Soul Destiny is displayed in the central hexagon. This is a specific energy unique to you; your Soul blueprint and the core destiny your Soul came here to embody. 

An example of a Soul Plan chart:

What’s included:

  • A 121 detailed Soul Plan reading either in person at my North-West London studio or over video Skype. The reading includes detailed information on the types of challenges you may have experienced/may be experiencing in your life and how to use your talents to overcome them. It will also include information on your worldly and spiritual goals and ways to step into your Soul Destiny.
  • A bespoke Soul Plan report that I will prepare for you, including any channeled information, to keep for personal reference and guidance.
  • Additional healing on any limiting beliefs and/or energetic blocks may also be included in the reading. 

Booking Terms and Conditions – please read before booking: 

Once payment has been made, I will arrange a mutually convenient time for your session whether in-person or via Skype.

It is important that you are on time for your session; please read appointment cancellation policy.  

Face-to-face sessions take place in my studio in North-West London; I am also available to conduct readings via video call on Skype.

Face-to-face sessions require a minimum of 3 days notice for an appointment time change.  

Please note that no-shows are non-refundable.


Individual Soul Plan Readings cost £75 and last 90 minutes.

Overlay Readings (including Name Changes) cost £85 and last 90 minutes

Relationship Readings cost £100 and last between 90 minutes and 2 hours depending on the complexity of the charts.

Business Optimisation (including an original Soul Plan Reading) cost £100 and last 90 minutes.

I am looking forward to meeting you and reading your Soul Plan!

If you have any questions please drop me an email at hello@lucyannechard.com or click here to book a session online.