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Unhealed Inner Conflict Tells You…

Unhealed Inner Conflict Tells You...


Unhealed Inner Conflict Tells You…

Unhealed inner conflict often shows up quietly, in self-sabotaging beliefs such as the ones I’ve written about here.

Self-sabotaging beliefs often show us where our deep, unmet needs are, namely those of love, belonging, wholeness, and worthiness.

It’s important to acknowledge that self-sabotaging beliefs are not your fault. They are also not a sign of weakness, or a lack of progress.

Quite the contrary.

These beliefs are powerful teachers. 

They hold the keys to untangle the ancient ancestral behaviour patterns that you’ve been carrying around for lifetimes.

The first step to healing on this path, is the willingness to step in a little closer, and get curious.

These statements here are just a few of the signs that are pointing you towards where the healing work begins.

Can you relate to any of them?



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