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Healing Inner Conflict

Ways to Resolve Inner Conflict

Perhaps you’ve identified a part of you that wants to be a certain way, and another part of you that then ends up doing the opposite.

It’s a similar feeling to having a supermarket trolley with 3 aligned wheels, and 1 that just veers off track…it takes a lot of energy to keep that trolley going in the direction you want, doesn’t it?

Through working with clients over the years, I’ve seen a few common approaches to working with these ‘wayward’ parts, usually involving some degree of negative self-talk, anger, or using your conscious mind to ‘force’ that (unconscious) part of you to change.

The truth is, a lot of conditioning around how we approach overcoming internal conflict happens when we are very young, between the ages of 3-7 years old.

Reflect on how those who were around you during that time resolved their own inner conflict.

When you approach these unconscious parts of you with self-compassion, you open a doorway to true healing. 

When you recognise that this part of you is an invitation to explore your deeper emotional needs, you enter a portal for lasting change.

How does the shift in approach feel in your body?

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