What does being a ‘Highly Sensitive Lightworker’ mean?

As a Highly Sensitive Lightworker, you experience the world differently.

You’ve always had a keen awareness of subtle details in your environment and an acute perception of nuance and atmosphere. You have strong intuitive tendencies, picking up easily on other people’s energy and you feel a full spectrum of emotions intensely. You process information on a deeper level, meaning you’re cautious before taking action, preferring to observe & reflect first.

You grew up feeling a sense of urgency; knowing that you had something important to do in this lifetime; something to create, build, lead, and share.

You’ve always known that your actions have the potential to create a powerful impact in the world, and perhaps this power is something you’ve shied away from, or folded away into yourself, in order to play small to fit in. 

You feel, deep in your core, that you’re drawn to pursue a path that’s different to the conventional, ego-based path you’ve grown up with in society. 

You feel a sense of awakening and awareness, encouraging you to let go of old patterns and belief systems that held you in fear, and explore what feels real, joyful and truthful, for you. 

You feel called to be of highest service by following your bliss, and by doing so, you know you can raise the vibration of a room, or those around you, simply by being who you are. I like to call this ‘letting the light in’.  

You’ve been doing this since you were a child; shining brightly just by being who you are. 

By connecting to the part of you that knows, and practicing self-compassion and understanding, you are letting the light in. You understand the universal law, “As within, so without.”

Highly Sensitive Lightworkers are not only the artists, crystal healers, tarot readers, mediums and Reiki masters of the world.

We are also journalists, lawyers, counsellors, PR specialists, doctors, teachers, musicians, actors, chefs, accountants, actuaries, biologists, hair stylists, TV broadcasting professionals, writers…

We do not need to have a long list of credentials, or a history of degrees and titles to prove our essence. 

My definition of a Highly Sensitive Lightworker is this: someone who steps into the power of their sensitivity and embraces their gifts wholly and completely; someone who feels deeply connected to all that is, within and without, and agrees to use this connection to raise peace, awareness, healing and unconditional love on the planet.

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